St. Joseph and the art of guarding

The third National Symposium on St. Joseph, organized by some religious families who have him as patron, including the Josephites of Murialdo, was held in Asti and Turin on 1 and 2 May 2015. The May Day the participants gathered in Asti in the afternoon. After the usual greetings (including the one by Fr. General, Mario Aldegani), Dr. Andrea Tornielli, Vatican correspondent of the newspaper “La Stampa” spoke on “San Giuseppe guardian of the Redeemer teaches us to guard today,” an increasingly delicate task. Later, together with his colleague Enrico Lenzi of “Avvenire” he interviewed Father Tarcisio Stramare, from the Josephites of Asti, the theologian who helped St. John Paul II to prepare his Letter on St. Joseph Guardian of the Redeemer.

Finally Father Gianfranco Verri, Josephite of Murialdo, outlined his paintings placed in the city’s Josephan shrine. The solemn concelebration, presided over by Cardinal Lajolo, and dinner concluded the day, which was attended by about three hundred people.

The following day, in Turin, the Salesian priest Andrea Bozzolo, Dean of the Turin section of the Pontifical Salesian University, spoke about St. Joseph as an example and patron for families, in particular as a model for fathers of our time. Sister Cristina Gavazzi, provincial superior of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Chambery, presented him as a model and example for the consecrated persons, with his “yes founded on God’s faithfulness and his tendertaking care of the other.

These two papers were recalled and deepened in the round table, with the participation of Sister Orsola Bertolotto, Mother General of the Murialdine Sisters, Mr. Roberto Fioretti, member of the Piccolo Disegno of the Sisters of St. Joseph and Brother Lino da Campo, of the Brothers of the Holy Family.

The tribute to Father Stramare of a painting of Fr. Verri, also used in the logo of the Symposium, concluded its works. After the lunch offered at the Artigianelli Institute, those who wished went to the Cathedral to visit the Shroud of Turin.


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(For the first three photos we thank the «Gazzetta dAsti» weekly publication, and for the others the Sisters of St. Joseph Italian Federation)


A memorable day of Pentecost in India

The day of Pentecost this year brought a special gift of the Holy Spirit to Josephan India: the priceless gift of five confreres who made their perpetual consecration to God: Baisil, Eugine, Michael, Norbert and Rajesh.

Three of them (Baisil, Michael and Rajesh) were also ordained to the diaconate the next day in the ancient “Santa Cruz” basilica–cathedral, Fort Cochin, along with 11 other youth from the diocese and other congregations.

These are celebrations where you see large crowds, glistening eyes (especially in the parents), strong hugs, colours everywhere, symbolic offerings and inspiring songs!

In the same days it was also announced the new Indian Delegation Council, headed by Fr. Mariolino and with the three councillors: Fr. Misihadas, Fr. Milttan and Fr. Anuraj.

Fr. Mariolino, during his homily, recalled that hearing a young man say that he dedicates his life to God forever makes us feel every time like a shiver down our spine. He added that the real reason for joy is not so much the significant numerical growth of the Josephites in India, of which many speak, but the fact of knowing that even in 2015 there are still generous young people who have the courage to say yes to God throughout their life, giving their forces for the good of many poor and abandoned boys in the footsteps of Murialdo.



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Priestly celebrations are going on in India!

Vaddy is a very nice fishing village on the coast of Kerala, near Kollam, overlooking the blue Indian Ocean! Almost all here are Christians and it is in this simple and full of faith environment that the vocation of Shibu blossomed so many years ago!

After so many years of preparation at Aroor, Chembaraky and Chennai the big day arrived: our son is a Josephan priest for the Church of God!” said with tears in his eyes Mom Anila and Dad Augustine! They are special tears, which have a unique meaning on the faces of the parents of a priest: a mixture of joy, pride and faith!

And there were also the same feelings in the great church, festively decorated and with many priests, nuns, Josephan students, relatives, friends, and among them many young people, who lived an intense celebration, presided over by the Bishop of Quilon, H. E. Stanley Roman, with the ordination of the 16th Indian Josephan priest! It was Saturday, May 23, 2015, and the following Sunday Fr. Shibu celebrated, always in his parish, the first Mass.

Again we have tyo say thanks God! Thanks, o generous India! And have a nice journey, Fr. Shibu!



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The new portal

In this video Fr. Mario Aldegani, Father General of the Josephites, presents the new portal of the Family of St Leonard Murialdo.

It is the sign of the desire to find a place for meeting and communion to all members of the FDM, and of a constant attention to new media, with the possibility that they offer to spread the Gospel and the charism of Murialdo.

This version replaces the previous portal and site The portal gets new graphics, although it is still incomplete: the migration of the previous content will happen in this coming period, as well as the gradual introduction of versions in Spanish, Portuguese and English.

Be sure to send your contributions and news to make the site more and more rich and alive. Thanks! Always write to