Dhian Paulo Paiz is ordained a priest in Sananduva (Brazil)

Sunday, 23 August 2015, in the Parish Church of St. John the Baptist, Sananduva (RS), took place the priestly ordination of the religious of the Josephites of Murialdo Dhian Paul Paiz. The celebration was presided by the Auxiliary Bishop of Belém do Pará, Bishop Irenaeus Roman (which is also a Josephite) and concelebrated by the Bishop of Vacaria, Bishop Irenaeus Gassen and dozens of priests.

The event, marked by a lot of emotion and faith, had the parish church crowded by faithful, religious, seminarians, apostolic mothers and members of the Family of Murialdo.

The first Mass of the newly ordained priest will be celebrated on Sunday, August 30th, in his community – St. John da Forquilha (Sananduva).

Fr. Dhian Paul Paiz will continue his Master’s studies in Moral Theology in Rome.

We offer our unceasing prayer for the intentions of Dhian and thank the Good Shepherd who continues to send labourers into his harvest in the charism of Saint Leonard Murialdo.


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25 years for the “Laici del Murialdo” in Italy

From August 18 to 23, at St. Peter Theological Institute, Viterbo, it was held the annual Spirituality National Meeting (INS) of the Community of the Laity of Murialdo.

The topics covered were:

  • What is Charism (Fr. Rino Cozza)
  • Charism, Communion and Fecundity (Fr. Ferruccio Cavaggioni)
  • Murialdo, a man of prayer (Fr. Giuseppe Fossati)

With this year’s meeting we wanted to remember and celebrate also the 25th anniversary of the birth of the Laity of Murialdo, recalling that in 1990 the group of lay collaborators that since the early 80s would meet annually for a spiritual and apostolic formation on Murialdo’s charism, decided to call itself  “Laity of Murialdo” then in 1992 added the specification “Community of the Laity of Murialdo”.

A pleasant surprise was the invitation of the Father General of the Josephites in the general house for family time lived in prayer and conviviality with the presence of the Mother General of the Murialdine Sisters, Sister Orsola.

You can find here the video prepared by Fr. Giovanni Boggio.


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Annual Retreat in Mexico

From 5 to 10 August the Family of St. Leonard Murialdo in Mexico held the annual retreat at “Nazaret” Prayer House, in Ixtlahuacan de los Membrillos (Jalisco). About 65 persons attended the retreat: lay people from the communities of Hermosillo, Aguascalientes, S. Jorge and Tlalpan (México DF), some Josephan confreres, a Murialdine Sister and another consecrated woman belonging to the Murialdo Secular Institute. Fr. Fidel Antón gave the meditations on the topic: “A charismatic reading of some biblical icons about solidarity,General Chapter of the Josephites.

During the final Eucharistic concelebration, presided by Fr. Roberto Landa, the confrere Emmanuel Padilla renewed his vows. After concluding his Pastoral Training, he will continue the theological studies in Avon (United States).








It is good to be together!

In Forno di Zoldo (Dolomites Mountains), from August 1 to 6, a large group of about 60 animators, who have come from many of our communities in northern Italy, but also from Rossano, San Giuseppe Vesuviano and Rome, and were accompanied by eleven Josephites, in addition to three postulants who will soon begin their novitiate, we shared four days of training, prayer, games, walking, friendship, joy… in the Educators School 2015.

The theme that engaged and fascinated us was: “To be an educator: a call of God!?

Discovering that we are called and loved by God and sent with the mission to be educators of the children entrusted to us, made us experience the joy of feeling loved by God, our Father, with infinite tenderness and mercy and made us become aware of the urgency to respond with generosity and consistency of life to this vocation given to us.



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