News from the Province Ecuador-Colombia

Some flashes, although incomplete, of what happened in the last two months.

Saturday, August 8, during the Eucharist at the end of the Spiritual Exercises, in the newly restored Cathedral of Tena, three young men made their First Vows in the Congregation of the Josephites: José Licuy, Miguel Mosquera and Marco Tituaña. The Father Provincial, Marco Villalba, received the vows. Also present were Bishops Paolo Mietto and Adelio Pasqualotto.

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On the same occasion renewed their annual vows the confreres Jonathan Briones, Julio Hernández and Jorge Rodríguez.

We wish to all of them perseverance in following Christ in the Josephan Family.

Fr. General, Mario Aldegani, made the Canonical Visitation in the Province from August 25 to September 29, visiting all the different realities. In particular, he participated in the National Meeting of Apostolic Mothers, Ambato (5-6 September), and in the meeting of 70 representatives of Pastoral Ministry from the Province in Ontaneda (10 September). On Sept. 28 he ended his Visitation by meeting the Josephites in assembly.


Saturday, September 19, in the Parish of Valle Hermoso in Santo Domingo de los Tsáchilas, the deacon Wandermber Paredes Moreno was ordained priest by Bishop Celmo Lazzari, in an atmosphere of prayer and joy. We pray that, faithful to the charism of the Congregation, he will follow Jesus, the Good Shepherd who gives his life for his sheep.

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From September 23 to 26, in Salinas, the confreres in formation of the postnovitiate with their master, Fr. Franklin Benavides, met to plan the next academic year.



Francesco Parati

(† Milan-Italy, 27/09/2015)

Mr. FRANCESCO PARATI, father of Fr. Mariolino, Superior of the Delegation of India, aged 92.

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