Fr. Alejandro in Nigeria

The kingdom of God is like a mustard seed… It is the smallest of all seeds, but it becomes the largest of all garden plants… The words of the Gospel tell us better about the gift God has given us, the Josephites of Murialdo, with the new opening in Ibadan, Nigeria. A small community, fragile and full of challenges, but strong and with a great future ahead by the power of the Spirit. That’s what I saw in my visit to our community in this blessed land. I was with them 22 to 26 October 2015, and I saw, in addition to Fr. Efrem, a nice group of theology students and pre-postulants. How beautiful! What a joy! I am sure that God loves us!!!


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Perpetual profession of Florin in Romania

The clear and blue skies and the crisp air of a forthcoming autumn were the outer frame of a fraternal and warm atmosphere that permeated for a few hours the Murialdo oratory of Popesti (Bucharest). It is Saturday, October 24, 2015 and our young Romanian confrere Florin Pisteian concludes a long process of discernment and formation started way back in 2003 with the Josephites and pronounces his Yes forever in the footsteps of Murialdo among youth. The presence of Fr. Lorenzo Sibona, the provincial superior, who received the profession, Bishop Cornel Damian, the Auxiliary Bishop of Bucharest, who presided over the celebration and many, many friends, relatives and youth, made tangible and lively the harmony of songs that the Murialdo polyphonic choir of the oratory offered to each of us during the celebration: from maestoso to andante, from lento to vivace, from forte to piano… the colours of life, the sounds of the soul. Also from the pages of, “la Multi Ani, Florin!” We say you this also on behalf of children and young Romanians you’ll meet on the roads of life.


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We share with you a record: this 13th semester we reached 100 members! Thanks for your trust and we wish to all a good on-line course!
Since 2009 this MURIALDO F@D web platform got more than 900 students, teachers, tutors and friends of the Family of Murialdo!
It is a really big and nice team! Let us go on like this!
The MURIALDO F@D Commission

P. Mario presents the annual theme

This year too, on the anniversary of the birth of St. Leonard Murialdo, the Father General presents on video the circular letter announcing the annual theme to be deepened in the Congregation of the Josephites.

The letter, however, is addressed to the whole Family of Murialdo, especially the educators, because with it is also published the document “Guidelines for Josephan Ministry – educate in the style of the Good Shepherd” that updates the text of ’96 “Guidelines for Josephan Ministry”.

The video is available in Italian, Spanish and Portuguese (just click on the language you know better!)


In memory of a “little” big Josephite…

We must always thank God for his gifts, and one among the greatest gifts is to meet people who help us to walk with the Lord. Fr. Mario Meneghini was so for many boys and youth whom he served and loved in his life as a Josephan priest. Even the then boys of Viterbo who knew him when he was a student keep alive his memory, after seventy years!

For this reason, ten years after his encounter with the merciful Father, the “youth” of his Catholic Action of the Patronato Leone XIII, Vicenza (Italy) wanted to commemorate him, Sunday, Oct. 18. There were also some former students, from Padua too, grateful for his service as their assistant, and before that as their director at the Patronato del Santo. There were his nephews, arrived from Thiene.

After the Holy Mass those present shared testimonies and memories, to which were added the photo albums and documents of those years. A simple and nice brunch concluded the morning.

Father Mario, or Don Marietto, left a deep mark in all those whom he accompanied in his priestly ministry. At least five religious vocations arose among his youth, and many beautiful families. May the Lord always send us Josephites like him! 



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A grateful community…

Sunday, October 11, the community of Santa Maria delle Farine gathered around its “old” parish priest Father Luigi Carletti to celebrate his 50th anniversary of priesthood. He came to us back in September 1998 to replace Father Giovanni De Angelis, who was old. A not easy replacement it was, but Father Luigi, with patience and humility, was able to enter into the hearts of the parishioners. For fourteen years he worked to make the parish grow along with the pastoral council, the catechists, to the group in charge of celebrations and all those who were lending a hand in the parish, even in cleaning the church, like many of us remember him with the folds of the pants rolled up while he removed the grass from the grand staircase of the church of San Pietro. The celebration began Friday night with us catechists, “old” and new, in our favorite pizza place, remembering the old days, when at the end of each pastoral year he offered us a pizza. But this time we paid!

Sunday 11 the day began at nine with a Eucharistic celebration in the church of Santa Maria delle Farine, followed at 10:30 by mass in the church of San Pietro, a packed church where there were many youths who father Luigi helped to grow in faith and love for the parish. We prayed and thanked the Lord for these first 50 years as a priest in the Josephan congregation. As they say in Italy, all the psalms end up in glory: the day ended in the hall next to the church of the Farine by sharing joyfully a good lunch prepared by the pastoral council.




Preparatory course for perpetual profession

In the coming weeks some young people will enter definitively in the Congregation of St. Joseph with their perpetual vows. Here’s how they prepared for them…

This year we were a group of six Josephan confreres students from different countries of the world, to participate in the course in preparation for perpetual profession (six, all Indian, took part in the one in April-May). The course took place between June and July this year in Rome at the General House. The participants were: Melques and Saji from India, Hugo from Argentina, Luciano from Brazil, Florin and Lazar Mihai from Romania. During the course we had several times of study and workshops on the history and spirituality of our congregation, visiting the Murialdine places and the Josephan institutions in Turin and other cities, times of prayer, adoration, sharing of experiences by each brother in their province etc. The course ended with a retreat animated by Fr. Rosario Avino who helped us make beautiful reflections on our Josephan vocation. We thank the Lord for giving us this opportunity to deepen the knowledge of our congregation and to reflect on the gift of the Josephan vocation. Special thanks to Fr. Fidel A. who organized the course, and followed us closely. Thanks also to all the Josephan confreres who guided and animated several moments of study and sharing. Thanks a lot!


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Sunday, October 4, at “San Giuseppe” Institute in Rivoli (Turin-Italy), Fr. Luigi Carletti celebrated the Mass, thanking the Lord for his fifty years of priesthood: next to him were present, as well as many friends and former students, Fr. Luciano Villar, Fr. Franco Pedussia and Fr. Mariolino Parati who shared with him the years of teaching, performances, Murialdo choir and the start of the adventure of the summer camps in Ghigo di Prali, where still today the summer activities of Rivoli’s Institute are held.

During the homily, Father Luigi spoke of the three values that accompany him every day: family, faith and friendship.

For us alumni who were present and for our families was an opportunity to meet again, cementing relationships and reminding us that a small piece of what we are today is the result of the many adventures lived together in the courtyard of the “San Giuseppe” or in the grove of larches.



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