I will make with you an everlasting covenant

The verse of the prophet Isaiah was chosen as the motto by the three young people who in the memory of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary –November 21– professed perpetually the evangelical counsels in the Congregation of St. Joseph. The rite was held during the meeting of young people from vaious Italian Josephan institutions “On the footsteps of Murialdo“, at San Leonardo Murialdo Parish, Viterbo, in the presence of a good group of confreres, a hundred young people from different parts of Italy, many friends and parishioners. Father General, Mario Aldegani, received their professions.

Hugo Baràs (Argentina), Melques Franklin and Saji Pulladisseri (India) after a long period of preparation –called normally “initial formation”– wanted to give themselves to God for life in the service of poor young people, based on the certainty that God loves us with especially merciful love. All three of them are still students of the third year of theology at St. Peter Institute, and are preparing to receive, next year, the diaconate, the first degree of the sacrament of Holy Orders.

The celebration, presided over by Father General, was followed by a reception and dinner offered by the Murialdo Parish to all present.

Once again we are convinced that Josephan consecrated life has no meaning if it is outside the sphere of youth, especially the poor and needy ones. It is with this certainty that we wish Hugo, Melques and Saji being increasingly able to answer the call of God in the midst of youth, never forgetting that the Josephites respond to God’s love through working with needy youth. As the Pope said during his visit to South Korea, «Your chastity, poverty and obedience will become a joyful witness of the love of God to the extent that you stand firm on the rock of his mercy. That is the rock.» Let us be increasingly aware that our rock is God’s mercy! Best wishes to the three perpetually professed! Best wishes!


Watch the video: Perpetual vows movie

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It is time for mercy-ing

Youth Ministry of Argentina-Chile, as part of its formation program, helds every two or three years the “Murialdine Youth Meeting” (EJM), which together with the annual School for Murialdine Animators” (ESCAM), gives our young people an opportunity to come together as Murialdine family and feel with the Church the pace of our history, reflecting, sharing, praying and celebrating the grace that is the charism of Saint Leonard Murialdo at the service of the beloved of the Lord.

EJM 2015 6

This thirteenth edition of EJM was held on 6-8 November in the “Patronato” of Santa Filomena, in Santiago, Chile (the institution this year celebrated 125 years since its foundation and is the first patronato of Latin America), and that from nearly seventy years houses the Liceo Murialdo.
With the motto “It is time for mercy-ing” (a new word by Pope Francis) we anticipated the start of the Jubilee Year of mercy, with a six-kilometer pilgrimage to the Shrine of the Immaculate Conception on the Cerro San Cristobal, where, at sunset, we celebrated the sacramental reconciliation and the Eucharist, led by the provincial Fr José Luis di Paolo. Looking down to the big city, in the context of the Continental Mission, we prepared to proclaim the Gospel in the big city

EJM 2015 1

Saturday 7 the more than five hundred participants gathered in 20 groups, each with a work of mercy: the traditional fourteen, one about the beauty of mercy, and two more on the defense of nature, as another chance to live mercy. So, after thinking about biblical, dogmatic and philosophical foundations of these acts of mercy, we went to different help centres throughout the city of Santiago, bringing the joy of “Mercy-ing” to free tuition centres, orphanages, rest homes, homeless shelters, monasteries, squares, museums, hospitals, prisons and even cemeteries!

EJM 2015 3

When we were back, a celebration of colours, music and lights, with the video greeting of Fr Mario Aldegani and Sister Orsola Bertolotto. Sunday, after the video greeting of Fr Alejandro Bazan, we share the closing Mass that was presided over by H. E. Galo Fernandez, Auxiliary Bishop of Santiago, who once again invited the youth to share the Joy of the Gospel mercy-ing, ie being disciples-missionaries with attitudes like “smiling, embracing, forgiving and serving.”

You can see the photos on Facebook: EJM Santiago, and Instagram: ejmsantiago2015, and you can see the promotional videos on Youtube:

Video Nº 1 Encuentro de Juventud Murialdina

Video Nº 2- Encuentro de Juventud Murialdina.

Video Nº 3- Encuentro de Juventud Murialdina.

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“On the footsteps of Murialdo” 2015

A long journey led us to Viterbo, where the educators of Murialdo Parish welcomed and hosted more than a hundred young people from different realities of northern and central Italy, to live, “On the footsteps of Murialdo”. It was a two days experience, 21 and 22 November, in which youth and young educators – aged 17 and older – showed the beauty of being together, all united by a style and a magic determination.

The meeting studied the person and charism of Murialdo; from the fundamental role that family has for each of us, until arriving, as happened to Murialdo, to the acceptance of a great and infinite Love that does not leave us alone, but in the darkest moments gives us the strength to overcome any obstacle and see problems as opportunities for growth and change.

Young people (and “otherwise young”) of the Murialdo Parish also presented on Saturday, after dinner, a performance about Saint Leonard, “♯Facing you,” which they created and produced to support the people affected by the Ebola epidemic in Sierra Leone. Sunday morning we have been involved in a big treasure hunt, always on the topic of the meeting, in Viterbo old town.

Indeed Love was the central idea of this experience, in fact, Saturday night we young people had the opportunity to experience Love and attend the perpetual profession of three young Josephites, celebrated by Father General, Fr. Mario Aldegani.

In conclusion, they were two full days characterized by laughter, smiles, friendliness, discussions, reflections and prayers, moments that every youth lived in the light of the spirituality and example of Murialdo and will bring back to their place. It was worth it to make such a long journey…



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Montecchio – Comunità Laici del Murialdo

This article is available in Italian and Spanish translation.

Sabato 21 novembre la Comunità Laici del Murialdo di Montecchio ha rinnovato la Promessa.

La lectio divina è stata guidata da suor Emma Bellotto che da anni accompagna il cammino formativo, la celebrazione eucaristica è stata presieduta da padre Rino Cozza.

Al termine, un momento di convivialità ha visto riuniti i partecipanti intorno alla mensa.


Il gruppo dei partecipanti

Il gruppo dei partecipanti



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Big celebration in Villa Bosch

At the Pius XII-Murialdo Institutes of Villa Bosch – Buenos Aires, Argentina – it was held, as every year, the science, art and technology 2015 EXPO, which coincided with the golden jubilee of the technical secondary school and the thirtieth anniversary of the secondary school for adults. They were days of shared celebration, marked by joy and gratitude to God and many lay men and women and religious who have woven this wonderful story of love.

 VB 50mo 13

“Evangelisers with spirit”: a motto that accompanied us throughout the school year 2015, and which expresses the identity of our Educational Community, formed by the “Pius XII” Institute, the “Leonardo Murialdo” Institute and the Educational Community Centre “San Leonardo Murialdo”.

The challenge, shared by parents, teachers, students, and the entire staff of the school, is permanent and demanding: “evangelizing by educating and educating by evangelising”. No doubt it was also the greatest effort implemented over fifty years at the Technical School, now “Leonardo Murialdo” Institute, which while recalling its golden jubilee, (1965-2015), thanks, acknowledges, renews and reaffirms the commitment to continue in the footsteps of St. Leonard Murialdo, sowing hope in the hearts of many students, giving a home and a family to young people who knock on the door of our Educational Community.

VB-50mo-12w VB-50mo-8w

This anniversary, as well as the thirty years of the Secondary School for adults, becomes a propitious occasion to “meet again” and motivate us more and better to be authentic “evangelizers with spirit”, continuing the legacy of the confreres Josephites of Murialdo and the many lay men and women, who shared responsibility in witnessing the charism of Saint Leonard Murialdo, and with their lives made possible this Community-Educational Family. Therefore: mom, dad, teacher, student, former student, religious who live in this community, giving the best of you:

  • Get close with merciful love to every person, only one who feels loved can live positively.
  • Turn your love of preference to those who suffer the most: it is the best means to free and heal their hearts, their minds… their whole persons.
  • Shout the Beatitudes: may everyone know who are the precursors of the “new world” and “heirs of the promises.”
  • Proclaim also the “Woe to you…”; may everyone know who are the “princes” of darkness, murderers of hope and spring.
  • Sing the victory of the “poor” and the defeat of the “powerful”.
  • Expose the false hopes; they dress seductively, but are oppressive and alienating.
  • Learn the signs of the times: all point towards Easter and the New Life.
  • See the good side of life; do not be a prophet of doom or sower of discord. Be optimistic and witness of the victory that comes from Easter.
  • Use the tools of dialogue, non-violence, tolerance, truth and goodness, the world around you will begin to be different.
  • Open yourself to the light, the power and joy of the Spirit of God, renewing breath of the resurrected Christ.
  • Do not stop loving, and… “where there is no love, put love, and will reap love”!
  • Build “bridges” that join, knock down the “walls” that separate; weave relationships with authenticity, simplicity, warmth, respect and… joy.
  • Continue to “do good doing it well,” knowing that God always loves you infinitely, and fills your life and especially announce it to all: “GOD LOVES YOU”!

A big thank you… and best wishes to all.





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Priestly ordination of Joshio Lizárraga

Tuesday, November 17, feast of St. Elizabeth of Hungary, patroness of our parish of Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico, in the late afternoon, the confrere Joshio Rabindranath Lizárraga Díaz was ordained a priest, for the laying on of hands of H. E. Jose Ulises Macías, Bishop of the diocese of Hermosillo. Accompanied by a good number of Josephites of the Vice-Province USA-Mexico, relatives, friends and parishioners, Joshio received the second degree of Holy Orders with joy and enthusiasm, among the merriment and songs of joy of the participants. After the Mass all moved to the SUTSPES hall for a convivial moment of celebration, with a great dinner and good music.


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