Other meetings…

Around Christmas time several moments of meeting take place for the youth of the Family of Murialdo, schools organize events to exchange greetings, everybody prepares the crib…

For example, in Mexico more than 150 young people met December 26 to 30 (some even from Chiapas), in Italy young people of Milan have gone on the mountains (without snow)… The Christmas shows of the students of Oderzo and Rivoli were very nice, as the crib of the community of Rossano, about mercy.

Many more photos on the Facebook page of Vita Giuseppina.

And to all of you our most sincere wishes for a peaceful New Year, lived in the mercy of God the Father!


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Meetings time

These days in all provinces the Josephan confreres are meeting in assemblies or councils after the first three years since the General Chapter, to assess the progress made so far and to specify further the future commitment to implement what the Chapter of Buenos Aires had proposed.

Some photos of meetings in Spain, Ecuador and Africa.


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Priestly ordination in Mexico

The new Josephan priest Marco Polo López Morales began his Josephan and priestly formation in Mexico; his family lives in Mexico City, but since his experience of pastoral training he did his theological formation in Argentina and is now in the community of Villa Bosch.

For his priestly ordination, he returned to his Mexican homeland and the community of St. George Martyr, in Mexico City, organized the ceremony. Saturday, December 19 presided over the solemn celebration H. E. Adolfo Miguel Castaño Fonseca,  auxiliary bishop of the Vicariate which our parish belongs to. He was accompanied, in addition to his family, by a good number of confreres from our communities in Mexico, the Murialdine Sisters, and from Argentina came Fathers Angel Martínez Pastor and Giampietro Brizi.
Father Marco Polo will return to exercise his priesthood and ministry among young people in Argentina.


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Diaconal ordination in the United States

The Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles CA. H. E. José H. Gomez, ordered as Deacon the confrere Jeyaraj Joseph William, from Tiruchirappalli (Tamil Nadu, India) during his historic visit to Saint Junipero Serra Parish (Lancaster, USA) on Sunday December 13.

During his visit to bless the bronze image of the new saint Junipero Serra, the Archbishop enthusiastically agreed in accepting this our confrere in the transitional diaconate.


During his homily, the Archbishop stressed that Saint Junipero Serra was a great promoter of divine mercy, since in some of his writings shows how God works in our lives in a merciful manner.

Archbishop Jose H. Gomez nvited the new Deacon to be the bearer of that divine mercy in all its efforts to serve the Lord.


After the ceremony, the parish offered refreshments in the multipurpose hall, where friends and confreres of the Josefan community of Lancaster celebrated the new Deacon in an atmosphere of friendship and cordiality.



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Murialdine Sisters are celebrating in Ecuador

It is a blessing of God for the Murialdine Sisters in Ecuador to donate to the Church two sisters who with great generosity and joy pronounced their definitive Yes to the Lord with the perpetual vows of poverty, chastity and obedience.

Sister Rosa Vera Lozano made her perpetual profession in her native Pascuales (Guayaquil) Sunday, December 6, 2015, in the hands of Sister Marianita Guerrero, delegate superior and general councillor, during the Eucharistic celebration presided over by H. E. Giovanni Battista Piccioli, auxiliary bishop of Guayaquil. Around her there were all her family, friends and sisters of the various communities.

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Sister Victoria Rakkini Antonysamy, the first Indian Murialdine sister (from Tamil Nadu) instead made her profession a week later, Sunday 13 at San Rafael Church, Quito, where is the funds management office of the mission of Napo. The Josephan bishop H. E. Adelio Pasqualotto presided over the celebration and two Indian priests and Fr. Giovanni Pegoraro concelebrated.


The church was packed with faithful, acquaintances, friends and there were all the sisters of the Delegation of Ecuador. Sister Marianita Guerrero received the vows of Sister Victoria, who knew the congregation around 2007 through Fr. Renzo Vanini, then in India.

Both celebrations were very joyful, but also of deep prayer and devotion, and so much emotion. The words of Psalm 89 then clearly express the immense gratitude: I will sing of your mercy forever, Lord proclaim your faithfulness through all ages.” The religious vocation is truly a great grace, so it can also be said with Psalm 116: How can I repay the Lord for all the great good done for me?”

We thank the Lord for this great gift to the Murialdine Sisters, while we hope that this event will open the way towards a future full of hope.



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Open Doors at the Collegio Artigianelli

From Friday 11 to Sunday 13 December 2015 the Artigianelli opened its doors to the neighbourhood and all citizens to present the project Artigianelli 150.

The event began Friday, December 11 with a solidarity “Apericena” organized by Murialdofor, non-profit organization of Fundraising of the Josephites of Murialdo founded to support social actions aimed at the Common Good.


Saturday 12 and Sunday 13 the event went on by opening the doors of the Artigianelli from 10 am to 6 pm: many residents of the neighbourhood, but also many passersby, have become intrigued by the movement created by scout and university students volunteers and crossed the threshold of Corso Palestro 14 to visit and know the places, activities, faces, enthusiasm and values that animate the Artigianelli.

The ancient hallways of the Atigianelli turned into exhibition gallery of handicrafts, antiques for sale, videos and narrations welcomed the visitors of EXPERIENCE A150.



But it was not a dull show: thanks to the students of the ENGIM vocational training centre, the could see demonstrations of ArtCafé, production of objects with 3D printer, repair of home appliances.


Very followed were the guided tours of the Murialdo Museum, where they collected the testimonies of the life, history and work of Saint Leonard Murialdo. As the visit ended, those present were able to enjoy the jazz repertoire played in the “Salotto delle Idee” by young graduates from the Conservatory.

Music has certainly been the underlying theme of the two afternoons. Not only jazz, but also music out of the Artigianelli: between Via Garibaldi and Corso Palestro, students of the Academy of Performing Arts attracted passersby to the Artigianelli thanks to performances of street dance, while the “Stella Alpina” brass band from Chivasso spread its notes along the neighboring streets until they echo in the Church of the Immaculate at the first floor of Corso Palestro.


Of note, since it has been particularly successful, the stand of the Nazareth Community with local handicrafts and agricultural products at zero distance offered for sale to contribute to the realization of the Christmas Dinner that the community will organize Sunday, Dec. 27 for young people without families.

“Experience A150 was an opportunity for citizens to live the Artigianelli in anticipation of the structural opening of the building to the city planned in 2016”, said the director of the Murialdo Turin Institution, Father Danilo Magni.

By 2016, in fact, the Community will open its home to become permeable to the city area and beyond thanks too to a architectural and functional regeneration of spaces in the Artigianelli in terms of their distribution and energy and environmental sustainability.





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Father Giovanni Schiavo is venerable!

Yesterday, December 14, 2015, the Holy Father Francis received in private audience His Eminence Cardinal Angelo Amato SDB, prefect of the Congregation for the Causes of Saints. During the audience, the Holy Father authorized the Congregation to promulgate the decrees regarding:

The heroic virtues of Servant of God Giovanni Schiavo, professed priest of the Congregation of St. Joseph (Josephites of Murialdo); born in Sant’Urbano (Italy) on July 8, 1903 and died in Caxias do Sul (Brazil) January 27, 1967.




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