Missionary children and teens in Mexico

In S. Jorge Martir Parish (Mexico City) Sunday, February 14, in the Eucharistic celebration of 10:00, the members of the group MISSIONARY CHILDREN AND TEENS (IAM) renewed their Promise and received the yellow scarf (the colour of ripe wheat). Five girls received the green scarf (symbol of the still green wheat) because they are beginning the process of formation.

The IAM movement began August 19, 2014, and, thank God, has grown a lot. It is made up of boys and girls who have made their First Communion. Its goal is growth in the knowledge of Christ in order to be little missionaries in their families, schools and communities.

Its chosen motto is: “With the missionary children Jesus reaches the whole world”.




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Father Mario Venturini

* Venice, 10 May 1927

† Viterbo, 17 February 2016



This evening, February 17, 2016, Fr. Mario Venturini, for some time admitted to “Villa Immacolata” in San Martino al Cimino, Viterbo, passed away.

The funeral will be held on Friday 19 at 11.00 in the parish church of Saint Leonard Murialdo Viterbo.

Fr. Mario was born in Venice May 10, 1927, in the parish of Saints John and Paul.

After the junior high and high school in Montecchio Maggiore, Vicenza, August 29, 1942 he began his novitiate at Vigone, Turin, ending with her first profession August 29, 1943.

First in Sommariva del Bosco, Cuneo, and then in Ponte di Piave, Treviso, with an interlude in Pinerolo, Turin, he attended the three years of high school.

From 1947 to 1949 he was in Thiene, Vicenza, for pastoral training.

On July 29, 1948 professed perpetually in Oderzo, Treviso.

At Viterbo he attended theology and became a priest March 21, 1953.

As a new priest he was a teacher in Arcugnano, Vicenza, 1953-1958.

Then he was the superior for six years at the Josephan institution in Vicenza.

In 1964 he became provincial superior of the then Province of Veneto; ended his term in 1970, when he was elected general treasurer of the congregation.

After this task he was superior and parish priest in Venice for one year, 1976-1977, then was sent in Montecchio Maggiore, first as rector of the Church “Santa Maria Immacolata” (1977-1988) and then as its first parish priest until 1995.

From 1995 to 2001 he was parish priest in Pinerolo, Turin, in “Saint Leonard Murialdo parish”.

From 2001 to date he has been in Viterbo, in “Saint Leonard Murialdo” parish, as chaplain.

Father Mario was sick from some time, but his spirit of service, his warm smile to all, his charity towards the needy never failed.

 Father Tullio Locatelli

General Councillor

The Family of Murialdo on mission

From 16 to 23 January we realized the 2016 Mission in ALHUE (150 Km from Santiago de Chile). With Father Patricio Pulgar (Josephite of Murialdo) there were two Murialdine Sisters of St. Joseph, Sister Gladys and Sister Nathalie, with 36 young people from the communities of Santiago and Valparaiso.

The objective of the mission was to share the daily life with the Alhue families bringing out God’s mercy of in this special Holy Year.

The young people were divided into four groups to reach most of the parish territory which is very extended. They realized educational and evangelization activities with young people, children and adults. We have seen a lot of participation and enthusiasm.

The Alhue people expressed much gratitude to see us share life with them, and in noting our faith of believers in Christ.

This mission will be repeated for three consecutive years with the aim of helping St. Jerome Parish to grow in the spiritual and missionary life.


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MurialdoAfrica 116 – ordination

News from the Viceprovince of Africa of the Josephites of St. Leonard Murialdo

Saturday, January 30, 2016, in Ejisu, two young Josephites were ordained priests, by the Bishop of the Diocese of Konongo-Mampong, H. E. Joseph Osei-Bonsu. It was a simple and shared family celebration, also with the presence of the Father General. And so it was fulfilled a small dream of the Congregation, to have the gift of two confreres from Ghana. We Josephites arrived in this part of West Africa in 1999, fleeing from the civil war in Sierra Leone. At first we were graciously welcomed by the Franciscan friars of Accra and Takoradi, and then fraternally hosted by the Spiritans in Ejisu. The current bishop and the then Provincial Superior of the Spiritans urged us to stay. The welcome of the people, the good will of the priests and religious of the place convinced our superiors to open a community, to enable our students to attend the nearby University of philosophy. And so it was. Bernard and Richard met us and asked to join us, and now they are Josephan religious and priests. The seed planted 17 years ago produced its fruit. It will continue to bear fruit in Guinea Bissau and Ghana, places of destination of the newly ordained, if grace, responsibility and zeal will find a wise accord in the hearts and industriousness of our confreres: for the glory of God and the salvation of young people in need of our friendship and Christian education.


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