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Milano – Camminare Insieme – aprile 2016

Notiziario della parrocchia di Milano

all’interno notizie dall’opera e spunti per la riflessione e preghiera

Ravenna – Opera San Paolo – marzo 2016

Notiziario della parrocchia di Ravenna

The Interprovincial Conference is going on

After the first days of work on the various themes on the agenda (Desire of community, Economy of communion, Family of Murialdo, Initial Formation, Calendar 2016 – 2018, …) Friday 29 was dedicated in the morning to the drafting of the final document, which will be presented to the confreres and, in the afternoon, to the fraternal meeting with the General Council of the Murialdine Sisters with on the agenda the possibility to form a coordinating group for the entire lay reality in the Family of Murialdo, which may coordinate all the various lay groups and associations who belong to our charismatic family. It was also discussed the organization of the beatification of Fr. Giovanni Schiavo, planned in Brazil in August or October, 2017.


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To Educate in the style of the Good Shepherd

Online“To Educate in the style of the Good Shepherd – Guidelines for
the josephan ministry”

After the approval of the General Council I promulgate the document “To Educate in the style of the Good Shepherd – Guidelines forthe  josephan ministry” – the result of a process of dialogue and participation in FdM – which is in continuity with the 1996 Guidelines on the Josephan ministry and at the same time it renews it.
The fundamental novelty of the document consists in an updated interpretation of the situation of youth and cultural trends of today’s world, in a bid for a new language that meets the most current pedagogical research and assumes the grand words and inspirations that Pope Francis is proposing for the pastoral and missionary conversion
of the Church: to meet, the peripheries, going out.
I hope that the new promulgated document will orient and stimulate our educative and pastoral work in the coming years, and that would be the opportunity to see us together, religious and laity, to think about the characteristics of our educational and pastoral activity, that is reflecting on the specific identity of our action in the Church, the focus of our founding charism.
Not infrequently the documents… begin to die the day they are published, soon passing into oblivion!
I sincerely hope that is not the case for this text, so important in order to guide our educational and pastoral ministry, as the Family of Murialdo, in a creative fidelity to the charism of our Holy Founder.

p.Mario Aldegani

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Charism, fragility and mercy

In the Parish of Our Lady of Health in Turin, on the centenary year of its foundation, the Third International Pedagogical Seminar and the Festival of Charism, a meeting organized by the Italian Province, come to an end.

ped_car_ lun8
It is no coincidence that the Eucharistic celebration presided by Father General, Fr. Mario Aldegani has seen gathered together the participants at the two important moments of the Congregation.
In the homily of the celebrant, in the presence of about 50 priests, the Murialdine Sisters with the Mother General Sr Orsola Bertolotto, and many lay people from all over the Josephan world, the keywords highlighted in these days resounded strong: charism, fragility and mercy.
The participants will return to their homes and lives guarding the glances they met, the stories they crossed and the beautiful experience they lived.[NB]

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Invia notizie sulla tua Opera a

The ongoing Inter-provincial Conference

Each year, the General Council and all the Provincials of the Josephan congregation meet for the Inter-provincial Conference. This time they decided to gather at two locations: in Turin (April 21 to 25) to attend the International Pedagogical Seminary and the Charism Day, and now in the General House in Rome (April 26 to 30).

There are 13 confreres: 5 of the General Council (Fr. Mario, Fr. Alejandro, Fr. Tullio, Fr. Fidel and Fr. Juarez) and 8 provincials (Fr. Renzo – Italy, Albania, Romania, Fr. Lauri – Brazil ; Fr. Mariano – Spain, Fr. Luigi – Africa; Fr. Mariolino – India; Fr. José Luis – Argentina, Chile, Fr. Marco – Ecuador, Colombia, Fr. Roberto – USA, Mexico).

And there are 13 laptops! As you can see from the photos, we work with video files, so to save paper, time and money!

Tuesday 26 is devoted to the situation of the provinces in the light of recent consultations and canonical visits, as well as to other talks on community issues and pastoral care.

Wednesday 27 and Thursday 28 are entirely devoted to the issues of economy and the congregation new economic system. In these two days also a layman, Mr Alessandro Pellizzari from Murialdo World, is participating in meetings.


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III Pedagogical Seminary: second day

The second day of the proceedings at the Third International Seminar of the FSLM entitled ‘In the wake of Murialdo… educators for a new millennium’ opens with the presentation of the document on the Pastoral Guidelines made by Father General, Fr. Mario Aldegani. The theme is not only central but also a sign of the great moment of unity that the Family of Murialdo is experiencing these days: ‘Educating in the Good Shepherd Style’. The objectives to be achieved in the Family of Murialdo are precise: to read the signs of the times in cultures where we are present and thus promote the inculturation of our educative and pastoral proposal; to support dialogue on Josephan education and pastoral; to help educators to let themselves be more and more animated by the charism; to offer a qualified instrument for the educational and pastoral formation of religious and laity.
sem_ped_III_ sab1 sem_ped_III_ sab2

In the afternoon, after the presentation of some significant experiences from the different realities in the Murialdine world, Fr. Mauro Busin accompanied the assembly in the reflection on the theme ‘Murialdine Spirituality and educational action’. He urged them to read the commitment of Murialdo ‘ne perdantur’ in a current and modern way that allows us to grow the ability to listen and to welcome young people as they are, trying with them and for them the best way to grow in humanity.
Important and significant, as always, were the moments of discussion and deepening that the participants had on the themes covered in the morning and in the afternoon. Exchange of experiences and reflections that enrich the talks presented in ever new and participated ways.


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Mother Elisa Rigon

( †  Fazenda Sousa, 21/4/2016)

Elisa Anna Rigon was born January 6, 1919 in Garibaldi (Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil). In 1937 she makes her first profession in the Congregation of the Sisters of St. Joseph. With a degree in languages and in mathematics and physics she teaches in several high schools. In 1957 at the request of Father Schiavo and the Bishop Benedito Zorzi, with the consent of her superiors, goes to Fazenda Souza with the mission to follow the Murialdine Sisters in formation, a group started three years earlier by Father Schiavo with the consent of Father Casaril and Mother Ellena. In 1964 she leaves the Congregation of St. Joseph and makes her perpetual vows as a Murialdine Sister.

After the death of Father Schiavo in 1967 she takes on the responsibility of the Brazilian Delegation and opens various apostolic institutions of great social impact. In 1975 she was elected General Superior then re-elected in 1981. At the end of the mandate commits herself to collect the writings of Fr. Schiavo spreading his devotion and also urging the introduction of the cause of beatification. In December 2015 her health began to decline. On the morning of April 21 she dies at age 97.

Sister Elisa Rigon –with her jovial character, lively intelligence and farsighted wisdom– leaves in all the Murialdine Sisters an indelible memory.

(Mother Orsola)

I Elisa