100 anni della Parrocchia della Salute al TGR Piemonte – en

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Domenica 22 maggio alle 14.00 sul TGR Piemonte è stato trasmesso un servizio sui 100 anni di presenza della Parrocchia Nostra Signora della Salute nel territorio di Borgo Vittoria a Torino!

Don Agostino Cornale e Don Tullio Locatelli parlano ai microfoni del TG: clicca qui per vedere il servizio e vai al minuto 8.22 !

Buona visione!
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The first twenty years of the Murialdine Sisters in Argentina

From 21 to 25 May 2016 the Mother General Sister Orsola Bertolotto has made the canonical visit to the community of Villa Nueva, Mendoza. Sunday, May 22 Sister Leda Borelli celebrated her 50th anniversary of religious profession in the Church of the Josephites of Murialdo, the Purisima. In the same celebration, presided by Mendoza Auxiliary Bishop Dante Gustavo Braida, it was commemorated the twentieth anniversary of the presence of the Murialdine Sisters in Argentina and the twentieth anniversary of the ALMA group that supports the Educational Centre for poor children and their families. In the pictures, a few moments of the celebration and the community that, in addition to the Sisters, counts with an aggregate who shares the charism and apostolic work.


MuVNw1 MuVNw2MuVNw3 MuVNw4 MuVNw5 MuVNw6 MuVNw7 MuVNw8 MuVNw9

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Inauguration Day of Murialdo SS in Bula

Finally the formal opening day of the Lyceum Murialdo, Bula is here. It is true that the school was already open for two years: although in reduced form, the new classrooms were already occupied by students. But with the opening ceremony today we wanted to give an official sign and above all we wanted to credit and thank the many benefactors who have contributed to this new school. In a special way we mentioned Mrs. Antonietta Romano, the Liceo Marconi of Milan, Fr. Franco Pedussia. A classroom was named after each of them to commemorate their generosity.

The ceremony began with the concelebration of the Mass presided over by the Auxiliary Bishop of Bissau H. E. José Lampra Cá, who during his homily wanted to emphasize in a special two virtues practiced by San Leonardo Murialdo, humility and charity. He explained to young people such as these are the characteristics of the congregation of the Josephites who came to Guinea to work with the poor youth.

Mass was followed by official speeches by Father Paulo Correia, director of the opera, and various authorities in the school sector. Given the current situation in Guinea-Bissau politicians were not invited.

After the bishop cut the traditional ribbon and all the attendees visited the new classrooms fully equipped with desks and chairs made by our CIFAP.

Later there was the fraternal meal, at the time of the toast Fr. John Martelli recalled that this initiative of the Congregation will serve to give a new face to the old vocational school (the CIFAP) and develop it into a Technical High School to update and be at the service of young people. The day ended with a great bingo and a show of various arts where Murialdo High School students showed their talents as actors and singers.


 LM-1 LM-2

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Newsletter of your Institution of the FdM N°5

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Anche il notiziario dell’Opera di Popesti, in Romania, è presente sul nostro portale!

Viterbo News N°25

Notiziario dell’opera di Viterbo, sede internazionale di Teologia della Congregazione dei Giuseppini del Murialdo

Roma – San Paolo – InformaDomenica – 22 maggio 2016

Notiziario della parrocchia San Leonardo Murialdo, oratorio San Paolo, di Roma

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Youth activities in chile

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El sábado 21 de Mayo 170 jóvenes de la Pastoral Juvenil Vocacional Murialdina (PJVM) del Liceo Leonardo Murialdo participaron de la Vigilia de Pentecostés.

En clima de oración, de fiesta y de amistad los jóvenes reflexionaron sobre La Iglesia según el modelo del Misterio Trinitario, compartieron sus ideales para construir una Iglesia siempre más en salida según el deseo de Papa Francisco y se sintieron misioneros de la Misericordia.

Después de las reflexiones en grupo se dio paso a la fiesta animada por el coro de la Pastoral de la Arquidiócesis de Santiago para comenzar a media noche la Celebración Eucarística.

La Vigilia se realizó gracias al compromiso y el trabajo de los jóvenes animadores de la Pastoral Juvenil del Liceo.

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Engim for l’Ecuador

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Sabato 16 aprile 2016 alle ore 19.00 circa (ora locale) l’Ecuador è stato colpito dalla più grande tragedia verificatasi negli ultimi 67 anni nel paese: un terremoto di magnitudo 7.8.

Il 18 maggio 2016 una nuova violenta scossa nella zona ovest! Per leggere la testimonianza arrivata all’Engim Internazionale poco prima di questa nuova scossa da una volontaria in servizio civile a Santo Domingo, clicca qui.

L’ENGIM continua la sua raccolta fondi, per poter inviare un aiuto concreto alle famiglie vittime del terremoto.

Contribuisci alla raccolta fondi con un bonifico intestato a:

ENGIM IBAN: IT78 E056 9603 2170 0000 3166 X92

Causale: Donazione emergenza Ecuador

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No stop celebrations in India!

Neither the great sweats and searing heat of this season, neither the long and exhausting travels by bus to reach the extreme southern tip of India, nor the 230 minutes of the celebration… could in any way affect the immense joy of many people who participated in the ordination of May 19, which was held in the church of the Assumption in Cheriyathura, near Trivandrum in Kerala, just across from the beach of the beautiful Arabian Sea!

For the first time a triple ordination (the two deacons EUGINE and NORBERT and the new priest BAISIL) with two bishops, so many priests, nuns, seminarians and many lay people crowded like sardines inside and outside the church of Cheriyathura.

And it is not over! Saturday, May 28 we are preparing the priestly ordination of MICHAEL, but by now we have entered the “automatic pilot”!, as these celebrations for some years happen constantly and everything is always prepared carefully: sounds, colours, scents, tastes… and especially faces, hands, smiles, hugs, faith…

Thank you, Lord, because we now have 20 Indian Josephan priests! It seems that they will not be the last! Obviously, You still love so much your church and your Josephites in India!


BEN 1 BEN 2 BEN 3 BEN 4 BEN 5 BEN 6 BEN 7 BEN 8 BEN 9 BEN 10 BEN 11 BEN 12 BEN 13

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Leonard Murialdo, the Saint of Mercy

On the occasion of St. Leonard Murialdo feast, the Father General of the Josephites, Fr. Mario Aldegani, sent a letter to his confreres: “During all my life did God’s mercy abandon me even for a moment?

It helps us to live this Jubilee of Mercy with a Murialdine spirit.

By the editors of the portal best wishes to all those who follow us or find us in the Net, may you experience like St. Leonard Murialdo God’s mercy to be merciful as our Father!