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Il bollettino settimanale dell’opera di Roma San Paolo…si veste d’estate! Visitate anche il sito dell’oratorio San Paolo – Parrocchia Murialdo di Roma!

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Roma – San Paolo – estate 2016 I settimana

Il notiziario della Parrocchia San Leonardo Murialdo di Roma, oratorio San Paolo

House of Hope


It is with great pleasure that we inform you that the construction work on “House of Hope,” the new Boys’ Home in Aranvoyalkuppam (Tamil Nadu – India) has come to completion successfully! We are very pleased with the stout construction of the building and with its colourful family style appearance. We are already receiving multiple requests for us to welcome boys from the surrounding villages who are in need or in trouble for family and many other reasons.

The Josephites themselves are truly enthusiastic about this project because it in part fulfills a dream that they have been chasing for years. It has now become real.  But, most of all, we are happy because this project corresponds to the very heart of our apostolic charism! May God’s blessings continue to accompany us. Best wishes. On 23rd June, our Fr General, Mario Aldegani, presided over the official inauguration and the blessing of the new house and he looked very happy and moved as well! We attached some photos of the event as well as some other pictures of Fr General’s visit to India!


HoH 1 HoH 2 HoH 3 HoH 4 HoH 5 HoH 6 HoH 7 HoH 8 HoH 9 HoH 10 HoH 11 HoH 12 HoH 13 HoH 14 HoH 15 HoH 16 HoH 17 HoH 18 HoH 19 HoH 20

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Sunrise N. 196 – June, 18 2016

Dear confreres and friends,
the new edition of our photo-newsletter is attached!

I recommend you to keep in your prayers some events of these days:
– The priestly ordination of Dn Jeyaraj in USA (Saturday 18th June)

– The last week of Fr Mario’s visit to India

– The Delegation Council with Fr General (Wednesday 22nd June)

– The inauguration of the new Boys’ Home in Tamil Nadu (Thursday 23rd June)

– The blessing of the new “Murialdo Mission House” in Bihar (Saturday 25th June)

– The health of the mothers of Fr Baisil and Bro Ajeesh

– The last exams of our Philosophers at Chembaraky and our Theologians at Viterbo

– …..

Wishing you all the best with my blessing!


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Animators in Chile

The animators of Murialdine Vocations Youth Ministry (PJVM) from the communities of Chile (Valparaiso, Santiago-La Reina, Requínoa) lived a meeting filled with joy, sharing, formation and prayer. From June 3 to 5 youth and Josephites met together in Requínoa to create the EscAMcito (Murialdine animators School) 2016 where they worked on the various topics treated this summer in Mendoza.

It was a meeting marked by the enthusiasm of the young people who put themselves at the school of Jesus to reflect on their being Murialdine animators.


FAnCh 1 FAnCh 2 FAnCh 3

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Newsletter of your Institution of the FdM N°8

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Le attività estive stanno iniziando in tutte le opere, ma non manca l’appuntamento con i notiziari dalle opere: oggi ritorna il bollettino dell’opera San Paolo di Ravenna e dell’oratorio San Paolo – Parrocchia Murialdo di Roma!
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Ravenna – San Paolo – giugno 2016

Notiziario della parrocchia di Ravenna

Roma – San Paolo – giugno 12, 2016

Il notiziario della Parrocchia San Leonardo Murialdo di Roma, oratorio San Paolo

SocialFare: centre for Social Innovation

SocialFare is the first Centre for Social Innovation in Italy.

It is located in Turin, via Maria Vittoria 38.

The centre was founded in the wake of the great tradition of the Josephites of Murialdo and of the congregation willingness to allow room for more and new social needs, especially those from the younger generation.

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Children’s Home in Bissau

By prayers and solidarity we will build a Children’s Home in Bissau

With the blessing of Saint Leonard Murialdo, on May 18, seven good volunteers worked 10 hours in Pinerolo (Italy), to fill a container, headed for Guinea Bissau.

It contains all the metal structure of the shelter for minors, which will be built in the suburbs of the capital Bissau, in the area known as Contum.
As did Murialdo in late 1800, Fr. Andrew and his volunteers-collaborators, will offer to homeless and without livelihood youth, hospitality, a family home and will accompany them towards their autonomy, training them civilly, religiously and professionally.
The project involves sending another container in the fall, with all the equipment to complete the house.
The masons of our vocational school in Bissau will make solid the metal structure, with the outer and inner walls and the concrete floor.
Upon arrival of the 2nd container they will work on the house systems, on the tiling of the premises, the installation of sanitation facilities, on the provision of windows and doors, on the painting and on furniture.
Providence must show up in a fairly major way to let the Friends of Guinea Bissau to support till completion this charismatic project.

Your prayers will not be lost!!!!!!

Anyone wishing to collaborate with Providence should use these links:

CCP N. made out to Engim (ONG)- Amici della Guinea Bissau- Corso Palestro 14- 10122- Torino (TO) ( Reason: Casa accoglienza per minori, a Contum)
IBAN: IT28.L078.0101.0000000.

Go to the Site of Friends of Guinea Bissau


cell2Carico container materiale per casa di accoglienza Bissau

Carico container materiale per casa di accoglienza Bissau2

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May in Conegliano

In the month devoted to the Mother of God, it was very appreciated the prayer of the daily Rosary at the various little shrines in our parish, dedicated to Saints Martin and Rose (Conegliano – Treviso, Italy).

Besides a youth group from Pordenone, “Gruppo Controcorrente”, got a lot of applauses for their enthusiastic performance of the musical “God’s pencil,” dedicated to the life of the saint of the most miserable ones of India, Mother Teresa, just before our main altar, for the feast of St Leonard Murialdo.

What we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop.

We do not dwell here on the heroic existence of this holy woman of our days, but we can affirm that the show was quite successful, attracting also faithful from other parishes of our Deanery. To celebrate our Saino Leonard Murialdo, we we had as welcome guest Father Tullio Locatelli, general counselor of the Josephites, who exposed us in detail the Apostolic Exhortation “Amoris Laetitia” of Pope Francis on the most discussed and hot topics of every newspaper, regarding the family and the various types of “family” (if I may say) that arise and cause to think a lot nowadays.

The feast of Murialdo, with the solemn concelebration presided by Fr. Tullio and the confreres, raised great love for this saint of mercy. The Gospel Choir of Ponte della Priula added even more enthusiasm to the feast, letting us know the music of the Southern United States, leading us to deeply enjoy spiritual themes, words and notes, just as Gospel very well knows to do.
So, we can say that prayer always remains firs as “nourishment for the soul,” it is something important, essential, which we do not forget to carry on in the simple and humble daily life of our parish.
Always for the glory of God.
Always with our hearts also turned to Mary and Saint Leonard Murialdo.

Carlo Molinari

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