First Profession in Mexico

On Sunday July 17 the novice José de Jesús Lomelí Delgado made his first vows in the Congregation of St. Joseph. The celebration took place in the parish of San José Obrero in Aguascalientes, Mexico, during the Eucharist at 1:00 pm. In the same the Josephan confreres Víctor López Reyes and Eladio López Santiz also renewed their vows. Fr. Roberto Landa encouraged them to live their consecration with radicality and thanked their testimony of love and dedication to the Lord. The celebration was attended by many parishioners, members of the Family of Murialdo, relatives, friends and Josephan confreres.



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God loves me! How wonderful!

Saturday, July 16 in Makeni, Sierra Leone, five young men made their First Profession as Josephites of Murialdo, in the hands of Fr. Luigi Cencin, superior of the vice province of Africa. They are: Robert K. Kounougbe (Benin), Godwin K. Kwasi (Ghana), Elvis C. Nwankwo (Nigeria), Pierre Paul Onitchango (Benin) and Benjamin Opoku (Ghana).
We thank God for them and accompany them with our prayer on their way on St. Leonard Murialdo’s steps along the roads of Africa and the world.


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New tremors in Ecuador

We receive and immediately publish this letter of the Josephan Father Sereno Cozza.

Dearest friends,
after a long silence I send you a brief update since we have to live, as they say here, with the continuous tremors. By now we had become accustomed to small and almost daily ones but… Monday (July 11th) gave us an anything but sweet jolt: 5.6 degrees and after 10 minutes a 6.3 degrees. In Esmeralda province they were 5.8 the first and 6.8 degrees the second. It was about nine in the evening and all taken aback we went out with light clothes… and at the second shake more than one began to shout with jangled nerves, children were crying and men silent and quite serious.

What worries us are the news that come from foreign scientists who are certain there will be a new strong earthquake 7.8, or 8.8 degrees… right in the areas of the first earthquake of April 17. What to say? We are in God’s hands… We hope to quickly build the house in the plot that our religious province has bought, and get out of here where the house next door is not very safe.

I send you photos of the tents that we bought with your aid and donated to various earthquake-stricken families through the parish priests of the area where they live and are of the Diocese of Santo Domingo. We also built a house with the boards that we had in the carpentry for a family in my parish. We also continued to donate bags of food, always by means of the parish priests of the worst affected areas. Now with the Diocese of Santo Domingo de los Tsachilas we are building houses with bamboo canes but before long I will send you photos of this.

Heartfelt thanks and we hope to send you quieter news!
May the Lord bless you

Fr. Sereno Cozza


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Preparation to the Perpetual Profession 2016

A new course of preparation for Perpetual Profession (PPP) is going on in the General House from 3 to 22 July 2016, with the participation of fifteen confreres coming from different countries of Africa, America and Europe.

In a climate of true fraternity and joy, and generously enduring the heatwave of these days and the cumulative fatigue of a year of work and study, Iber Malu, Jacob Yeboah, Ciro Cà, Alecson Marcon, Pedro Paulo Da Silva, Francisco Ocante, Fredrick Alorbu, Felix Bempah, Christian Angurum, Vitalis Ohaekwe, Victor Abreu, Sergio González, Diego Cadena, Marius Minut and Marco D’Amaro, have concluded the first stage of formation with three days of spiritual retreat. The course continues this week in the General House and the next will be completed with a visit to the places of Murialdo in Turin.

Several of these confreres will then participate in our FSLM Youth Meeting in Oderzo and from there go the World Youth Day in Krakow.

May the Lord who has called them fill their hearts with his love and totally consecrate them to the educational and evangelizing service of the young, especially the most needy, on the footsteps of Murialdo.



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Priestly celebration for Fr. Jeyaraj (US-India)

Who knows how many years have passed since a Josephan priestly ordination was celebrated in the United States of America, but thanks to the Indian confrere Fr. Jeyaraj William, who lived ten years of his training in the US, our parish “S. Junipero Serra ” Lancaster, near Los Angeles in California, last June 18 has been able to live this beautiful priestly celebration for a new priest of our Congregation! Ordaining bishop was Most Rev. Joseph V. Brennan, Auxiliary Bishop of Los Angeles. And then, on July 9, there as been of course the First Solemn Mass of the new priest in his native parish in Tiruchirappalli (Trichy), a big city at the centre of Tamil Nadu state in India, surrounded by his family and by some confreres. Attached are photos and we accompany Fr. Jeyaraj with our best wishes!


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