Sunrise N. 206 – August 27, 2016

Dear friends,
Please, take a look at our newsletter attached!
I would like to remind you that on Sunday 4th September Mother Teresa of Kolkata will be canonized in Rome by Pope Francis. And on Monday 5th September will occur her liturgical memorial as a new saint for the first time!
Given that she has been chosen as patroness of our Josephan Indian Delegation, I recommend you to add a special prayer for the intentions of our presence in India, involving your community, your seminarians or your parishioners!
Thank you!
Dear Saint Teresa of Calcutta, pray for us!


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God’s mercy

Between 23 and 27 August it was held in Viterbo at the Theological Institute St. Peter the usual National Spiritual Meeting of Laity of Murialdo Communities.

There were represented the communities of Laives-Bolzano, Thiene; Turin, Foggia, Lucera, Venice, Bomarzo and occasionally present many sympathizers and friends interested in the path that for years the CLdM are following. Also present many Josephites who for years shared this experience.

Main theme of the training sessions held, appropriately in line with the Jubilee Year:


The subject was treated by touching different facets:

  • Mercy, in the human and social aspect. How being able to testify to it? What life choice, both personal and community it implies? (Fortunata Cuzzolin)
  • Mercy in the biblical and evangelical texts. (p. Alejandro Bazan)
  • The spiritual experience of Murialdo especially highlighting the his consequent apostolic and pedagogical choices. (p. Giuseppe Fossati).

Exceedingly welcome has been the visit and participation in the celebrations of the Murialdine Sisters’ mother superior, Sister Orsola Bertolotto, the general Fr. Mario Aldegani and the Italian Provincial Fr. Lorenzo Sibona.


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Evangelizing mission of the “Murialdine” youth in Chile

Youth-Vocation Ministry of our houses in Santiago and Valparaiso performed with joy and generosity the winter mission in Alhué (south of the metropolitan area) from July 9 to 14.
Despite the cold and rainy days, the young people had the courage to do mission activities in five of the Parish communities of St. Jeronimo, Alhué, blessing the families, visiting the sick and working with children and young people of the area.
The 50 young people were accompanied by priests, school clerks and teachers of Murialdo Secondary School. It was a real experience of Murialdo Family.

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WYD 2016: Oderzo – Cracow

Participating in World Youth Day is not a decision to be taken “lightly”, it is not a trip to the beach or a walk in the mountains, WYD is much more: it is the Trip!! From this experience you can expect many things, just look at the many video: new friends, new encounters, new experiences and a new Church, but the reality is quite different, it’s much more!!

This WYD in Kracow was from special the outset for the three days we lived in Oderzo before leaving. 350 young people from the Josephan houses in Italy and around the world, gathered to be accompanied by Saint Leonard Murialdo to the event in Kracow. It was exciting to see the Brandolini, usually full of children and teens with a backpack, filled with young people in a mix of languages and cultures, each with their own experiences, expectations and dreams. It was good to be at the service of these guys making them feel a bit at home. We felt useful by creating a climate of communion and fraternity that has accompanied us throughout the journey in Poland.

Visiting Auschwitz and Birkenau was an experience that did not leave us indifferent. Stepping on the ground where thousands of prisoners walked, going through the barbed wire and the rails, watching the remnants of the kilns where they killed a million and one hundred thousand people, it makes you feel man’s cruelty. And so the walk becomes silent because words are superfluous, only prayer finds space in the mind observing those places, because what’s happened is not repeated ever again. It is up to us young people, the Pope said, to have the courage to teach adults “that it is easier to build bridges that raise walls“, to respond to hatred and offences with forgiveness and mercy. This is what we did in Kracow, where the encounter on the streets was a feast of colours and songs, where flags made you feel in the middle of the world, but at the same time proud of your country. There were no differences or rivalries to hinder us, the smile and the joy of being there were huge and all were infected. A contagion full of hope and dreams for the future, for a better world in which we can be the change, the force that overcomes fear and terror; we, young people without hatred but with a heart full of love.

The Pope does not want youth reclining in the comfort of the couch and technology, instead he wants us with the backpack and boots on. That’s what we did: with our backpacks we walked to Campus Misericordiae, place of the two highlights of the WYD: the vigil and the closing Holy Mass. They were two memorable days, unforgettable, together with the Pope and 1,600,000 young people. We partied, danced and sang all day and night, but above all we were able to experience silence and pray before Jesus in the Eucharist. We watched the stars and waited for the rising of the new day as sentinels of the morning, eager to take home and in our daily lives the knowledge that God loves us despite our faults, our escapes; He believes and bets on us! We must be able to dream, to be free, to fight for our future, having the courage to leave our mark. Only giving the best of ourselves we can change the world.

The sharing of these days has helped us to grow in friendship, to see the difficulty in the other, to share food and water, to take charge of his heavy backpack, to hold out our hands and walk together. They are small gestures, but filled with love.
The backpack with which we started was filled with many encounters, words and gestures that find space in the heart, because from Kracow we can leave with a richer and more mature faith, with a generosity that does not ask anything in return – as the beautiful Polish people showed us – and with the awareness that we are the new hope for the world.

Lucia Polo – Oderzo

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Sunrise N. 203 – August 6, 2016

Dear confreres and friends,

Please, find attached Sunrise 203, with many important news and the complete summary of the recent transfers and appointments in the Delegation. I’m sending it three days in advance, since I’m about to leave from Chennai to Bihar. Please let us keep fraternally in our prayers: Fr Balashowry, Fr Amalraj, Bro Edwin and our projects over there!

The group of 10 Italian friends arrived in Tamil Nadu … they are all fine and happy, following their program with joy and enthusiasm!

Yours cordially


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World Youth Day 2016: 340 of our young people FdM

We are the youth of the new pope. Us, that we have come to the venue of the vigil this evening with a backpack shoulder loaded not only of fear and uncertainty related to terrorism, but also of great hope and joy.

We are the new generation of youths ready to change the world with eyes of mercy.

Us, that we prove emotions in front of two million young people from all over the world, ready to share with us the flags of their own nation, their own life experience and also his heart.

We, who have chosen to make the World Youth Day in a real gym of life between the effort and the will to win it.

This is the generation of the future, which is much criticized, but still has much to prove.

We want to empty the backpack of fear and fill it with mercy, mercy that comes from God and that the Murialdo left us as a commitment for the future.







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