30 September

1890: VICENZA,  (ITALY), Patronato Leone XIII

United not so much in the system, as in the affection of friendship and action. Affection of charity is not enough, you need that of friendship and concert in action. All systems are good if there is affection and harmony of action; no one is good without them.

(St. Leonard Murialdo, Writings IV, p. 326)

29 September

1957: PUERTO NAPO, (ECUADOR), “Misión Josefina”

We have the great honour to share with the good Angels our ministry for those children whose angels always see the face of the Father, and who therefore should so rigorously be kept away from any scandal.

(Explaination, p. 74)

28 September

1948: LA REINA (Santiago),CHILE, “San José Patrono de la Iglesia” Parish

“Thanks to the rich heritage of pedagogical traditions amassed since the establishment of the Institute, this charism gives life to educational undertakings permeated by the Gospel spirit of freedom, justice and charity in which young people are helped to mature humanly under the action of the Spirit, while at the same time proposing sanctity as the goal of education for teachers and students alike.”

(Starting Afresh from Christ 39)

27 September

“O God, who for the salvation of the poor and the instruction of the clergy
endowed the blessed priest Vincent with apostolic virtues,
grant, we pray, that inflamed by that same spirit,
we may both loved what he loved and carry out what he taught.”

(From the Liturgy, Collect)

25 September

1955: CEFALU’- PALERMO, (ITALY), Istituto Artigianelli “Di Giorgio”

How beautiful! All lovers of God, all who serve God in their neighbour, all humble, all in harmony with each other!

(St. Leonard Murialdo, Writings IV, p. 113)

23 September

As a husband is all love, caresses and gifts for his wife, so is Jesus for the soul he embraces in the eucharistic union.

(St. Leonard Murialdo, Writings III, p. 157)

22 September

1953: Foundation of the Congregation of the MURIALDINE SISTERS OF SAINT JOSEPH in Rivoli (Turin)

We are brothers and our hearts expand in mutual love. Away from us every dispute, every murmur, every spite; away that spirit of domination and arrogance in treating each other; let no one try to master; we are brothers and peace should reign among us, as in families where it is the Lord’s blessing.

(Explaination, p. 140)

21 September

1851: Saint Leonardo Murialdo celebrates his first Mass in the Church of St. Dalmatius, Turin.

1993: GETAFE, (SPAIN), “Comunidad Josefinos de Murialdo”

Since then I have always had some kind of devotion to St. Matthew: I liked to think that he too had been a sinner, and that he had been converted by Jesus Christ himself, who deigned to call me too to apostolate.

(St. Leonard Murialdo, Testament, p. 97)