20 September

1851: Saint Leonardo Murialdo was ordained a priest in Turin in the Church of the Visitation.

1979 NICHELINO- Turin, (ITALY), Vocational Training Centre

The good Lord wanted to make his kindness and generosity shine out in a completely special way. Not only did he readmit me to his friendship, but he called me to make a decision of predilection: he called me to the priesthood.

(St. Leonard Murialdo, Testament, p. 93)

19 September

Wednesday should be dear to our hearts, as the day of our Saint; and although no day is excluded from our spiritual profit, however, our respect of Wednesday must be such that it would appear almost a desecration to forget that day our respects to St. Joseph and fail to fulfill our religious duties.

(Rules 75)

18 September

Nothing harsh where the family spirit reigns, where we need to consider ourselves not otherwise that brothers very affectionate with one another, like at our home.

(Explaination, p. 46)

17 September

The life of faith gives a background of peace, of joy, of love, which becomes an anticipated paradise, although covered with darkness.

(Life of Faith, p. 17)

16 September

Love one another, remain close in a knot of holy friendship, form one family, united, compact and edifying for generous charity, so it really can be said by those who look at us: see how the Josephites love each other!

(Fr. Eugenio Reffo, Haec Fratibus…, p. 64-5)

15 September

1929: FOGGIA, (ITALY), “San Michele Arcangelo” Institution
1953: VALBREMBO, (ITALY), “San Giuseppe” School

“Seeing Mary’s sorrows we will sympathize with her, who wanted and had to suffer so much in order to become our mother.”

(St. Leonard Murialdo, Writings VI, p. 220)

14 September

“The Lord sends some crosses to bear because without the cross we do not and can not go to Heaven; but then He helps and never forgets us.”

(St. Leonard Murialdo, Letters I, 51)

13 September

Obedience at the present moment is the straight line that always runs through the soul, not stopping to the right nor to the left.”

(St. Leonard Murialdo, Writings VI, p. 395)

12 September

“Through the centuries, works of charity have always provided the ambient for the concrete living out of the Gospel. In the practice of charity, consecrated persons have emphasized the prophetic nature of their charism and the richness of their spirituality in the Church and in the world. They recognized that they were called to be the ‘manifestation of God’s love in the world’.”

(Starting Afresh from Christ 36)