13 November

“People who pray are not wasting their time, even though the situation appears desperate and seems to call for action alone. Piety does not undermine the struggle against the poverty of our neighbours, however extreme.”

(Deus caritas est 36)

11 November

“Within the community of believers there can never be room for a poverty that denies anyone what is needed for a dignified life.”

(Deus Caritas Est 20)

10 November

1913: THIENE, (ITALY), Patronato “San Gaetano”
1938: MILAN, (ITALY), “San Leonardo Murialdo” Parish

The study of the poor, obscure and laborious life of Jesus Christ is totally our own, and forms as the nature and the special character of the Congregation of St. Joseph.

(Explanation, p. 55)

9 November

Now is the time for a new “creativity” in charity, not only by ensuring that help is effective but also by “getting close” to those who suffer, so that the hand that helps is seen not as a humiliating handout but as a sharing between brothers and sisters.

(Novo Millennio Ineunte 50)

8 November

These members of Jesus Christ, so disillusioned by the world, so deprived of substances, so derelict and despised, may find from now on, in our poor persons, new brothers, but loving and zealous, faithful and unselfish brothers, who make them know and love Jesus Christ.

(Explanation, p. 141)

7 November

“Sharing of the lectio divina in the search for the truth, a participation in common prayer, in which the Lord assures us of his presence, the dialogue of friendship and charity which makes us feel how pleasant it is when brothers dwell in unity, cordial hospitality shown to brothers and sisters of the various Christian confessions, mutual knowledge and the exchange of gifts, cooperation in common undertakings of service and of witness: these are among the many forms of ecumenical dialogue.”

(Vita Consecrata 101)

6 November

So God would like, that we had the name and spirit of brothers of our children; brothers of the poor, brothers of the workers and brothers of the sick.

(Explanation, p. 141)

5 November

Yet, as the unequivocal words of the Gospel remind us, there is a special presence of Christ in the poor, and this requires the Church to make a preferential option for them.

(Novo Millennio Ineunte 49)