8 June

Faithful to the charism, the confreres continue to represent in the Church the mystery of Christ who loves the poor and blesses the children. All their cares and all their strength shall be dedicated to this purpose without restraint”.

(Const. 44)

7 June

Today, the cross which they take up daily (cf. Lk 9:23), such as the age of the Institute, structural inadequacy, and uncertainty regarding the future, can also take on collective value”.

(Starting Afresh from Christ, 27)

6 June

1971: The urn of ST. LEONARD MURIALDO is moved from St. Barbara Parish Church to the shrine of “Our Lady of Health” in Turin.

The confreres shall frequently call upon St. Leonard Murialdo, Founder and Father of the Congregation, model of holiness and spirituality”.

(Const. 43)

5 June

“The confreres shall turn to Saint Joseph and shall imitate him in his constant communion with God and with Jesus in his daily work. They shall pray to him with great confidence for the solution of every problem and promote his devotion”.

(Const. 43)