4 June

“Let us rouse one another to do much, and above all to do well: at least let us not have the remorse of fearing that any soul redeemed by the Blood of Jesus Christ has been lost, at least in part, for our indolence, for our laziness and selfishness”.

(St Leonard Murialdo, Letters I, 358)

3 June

The confreres shall frequently be inspired by the principal themes of the spiritual tradition of the Congregation: devotion to the Eucharist, the passion of our Lord and his Heart as expressions of God’s infinite and merciful love, abandonment to divine Provi­dence, devotion to the Virgin Mary, St. Joseph and St. Leonard Murialdo; the virtues of humility and charity”.

(Const. 1984, n. 43)

2 June

The spirit of the Congregation: namely that of a good and well-united family, where the Congregation should be viewed as affectionate mother, and we as its children”.

(Explanation, p. 46)

1 June

“The Heart of Jesus is the source of graces; our hearts are the vessels, in which the graces are poured out; Joseph and Mary are the channels”.

(St Leonard Murialdo, Writings VI, p. 258)