30 June

Each Josephan confrere will pray and work so that the Father send workers to his harvest. He will help those who aspire to the consecrated life and encourage those who might be called to it.

(Const. 56)

29 June

1927: TURIN, (ITALY), “Our Lady of Health” Shrine-Parish

Inspired by the sentiments and the practice of the Founder, the confreres wish to distinguish themselves by their fidelity and obedience to the Pope, also by reason of the vow, and live in communion with the bishops, by collaborating with them as stated by the common law and the Rule, according to the spirit of the Congregation.

(Const. 26)

28 June

1996: Fier, (ALBANIA), “Murialdo” Social Centre

The invocation ‘ut unum sint’ is, at one and the same time, a binding imperative, the strength that sustains us, and a salutary rebuke for our slowness and closed-heartedness. It is on Jesus’s prayer and not on our own strength that we base the hope that even within history we shall be able to reach full and visible communion with all Christians.”

(Novo Millennio Ineunte 48)

26 June

Under the inspiration of Saint Joseph, educator of Jesus, the confreres love to live among youth as their friends, brothers and fathers, participating in their life, sharing their joys and sufferings, and creating with them a climate of trust and optimism.

(Const. 50)

25 June

“As a foundation for his apostolate, every confrere shall put great trust in God for he is the only one who brings growth and fruit; and, at the same time, he will put all his talents into action, trying to make them ever more efficacious through a constant update.”

(Const. 49)

24 June

“Always feel and think with the Church and the Roman Pontiff, and always prefer the ideas and solutions of saints.”

(St. Leonard Murialdo, Letters I, 18)

23 June

“Love of God and patience, we should love and suffer, but suffer for Jesus, love Jesus and Jesus only.”

(Circular letters of Fr. Costantino, p. 111)