31 July

“Each confrere, faithful to the precious inheritance left by the Founder, will witness to the love of God committing himself to transform his community into a sole and well united family, like that of Nazareth.”


(Const. 30) 

30 July

1961: MONTECATINI TERME, (ITALY), “Corpus Domini” Parish

Truth is on the centre of a wide road, error on the side walls.


(St. Leonard Murialdo, Writings I, p. 17) 

29 July

How much you have to be grateful to the Lord because he chose you for a so sublime and meritorious work, because he gave you the idea and inspiration of it!


(St. Leonard Murialdo, Writings IX, p. 228) 

28 July

1998: TLALPAN, (MEX), “San Leonardo Murialdo” Formation House

We should not fear that it will be considered an offence to the identity of others what is rather the joyful proclamation of a gift meant for all, and to be offered to all with the greatest respect for the freedom of each one: the gift of the revelation of the God who is Love.”


(Novo Millenio Ineunte 56) 

26 July

Next to us, among us we have hundreds of poor children who fall into the abyss, and it is not a crime not to offer them a friendly hand to save them?

(St. Leonard Murialdo, Writings IX, p. 159)

25 July

2002: EJISU, (GHANA), “Murialdo’s House”

“Love of God and love of neighbour have become one: in the least of the brethren we find Jesus himself, and in Jesus we find God.”

(Deus caritas est 15)

23 July

We intend to educate young people to become first of all honest and principled citizens, and sincere and frank Christians; who then, to the duties and qualities of a good citizen add those of talented and educated artisans.

 (St. Leonard Murialdo, Writings X, p. 58)

22 July

The press is the greatest force of our century. Spread the good publications and you will save the souls of your children, thus preserving them from the corruption of faith and morals.

 (St. Leonard Murialdo, Writings IX, p. 200)