19 December

Children look like their father by nature, we have to look like St. Joseph by voluntary imitation. So the religious portray many features from their Founders: the Basilians, the Franciscans, the Jesuits. We must find the features of St. Joseph: humility, concealment, love for Jesus and Mary.

(Conferences, p. 194)

16 December

“The congregation for the sake of humility endeavours to increase in poverty, prefers an uncomfortable life, poor homes, low funds, deprivation of comforts, happy to be around the little poor people of Jesus Christ, even preferring the more poor to the less poor.”

(Explanation, p. 85)

15 December

“What a beautiful, what a wonderful Congregation would ours ever be, if instead of being formed by many Josephites was formed by many Joseph, a phalanx of Josephs in body and soul, who cannot be distinguished from the original except for incidental differences, and who in all respects have the saying, doing and being of St. Joseph.”

(Circulars of Fr. Reffo, p. 414)

13 December

We have to express St. Joseph in ourselves and as a Christian is said with reason alter Christus, in the same way a Josephite should be another St. Joseph, so that each of us may reply that dear Saint in himself and represent him before others.

(Circulars by Fr Reffo, p. 94)

12 December

The Congregation will use all those means that will lead it to the achievement of its noble and difficult mission, trying to instil in all its works the Spirit of St. Joseph, which is a spirit of chastity, humility and charity.

(First Regulations 179)

11 December

Let us show our Charity –that for the Josephites must be distinguished–, first to our confreres, whom we have to esteem, revere and love.

(Haec fratribus, p. 66)