9 December

St. Joseph, Guardian of the house of Nazareth, where Jesus and Mary lived, loves that our soul be a Nazareth where Jesus and Mary may live.

(St. Leonard Murialdo, Writings VI, p. 18)

8 December

1983: The Holy See approves the revised Rule

Today I bought a gold-like ex voto, small as our Congregation, and I typed inside: O Immaculate Mary – I consecrate in your hands my soul – and the congregation of St. Joseph your spouse.

(St. Leonard Murialdo,  Letters II, 702)

6 December

Put your perseverance under the protection of Mary; put the great deal of your sanctification in her all-powerful–and as all-powerful as merciful–hands.

(St. Leonard Murialdo,  Letters V, 2146)

5 December

Let’s say with our actions: we are children of Mary; Mary will tell us with her actions, both in life and death, I am your Mother.

(St. Leonard Murialdo,  Writings VI, p. 202)

4 December

My dear Mother, Mary, how happy I would be if I could raise in me and in my brothers those two feelings of gratitude and confidence that both honour and glorify your goodness and your power!

(St. Leonard Murialdo,  Writings VI, p. 281)

3 December

“O God,
who through the preaching of Saint Francis Xavier
won many peoples to yourself,
grant that the hearts of the faithful
may burn with the same zeal for the faith
and that Holy Church may everywhere rejoice
in an abundance of offspring.

(From the Liturgy, Opening Prayer)

1 December

My good Mother freed me from a very heavy cross, and did so as soon as I had recourse to her, reminding her that no one has ever had recourse to her without being heard.

(St Leonard Murialdo, Testament, p. 147)

30 November


My dear Mother, Mary, I wish I could give you some proof of gratitude I owe you for the countless benefits you did to me in the whole course of my life.

(St Leonard Murialdo, Writings VI, p. 281)