31 January

1949: REQUINOA, (RCH), “San José” Parish

O God, who raised up the Priest Saint John Bosco as a father and teacher of the young, grant, we pray, that, aflame with the same fire of love, we may seek out souls and serve you alone”.

(From the Liturgy, Collect)

29 January

We are brothers, and our heart expands in mutual love. Away from us every quarrel, every gossip, every spite; away that spirit of domination and arrogance, in dealing among us; nobody should try to boss others around; we are brothers, and that peace may reign among us, as in families where it is the Lord’s blessing”.

(Explanation, p. 140)

28 January

“All the goodness and tenderness of earthly fathers is not even a shadow of the one which our Heavenly Father feels for us. See, my brethren, what love the Father has bestowed on us that we may be called the children of God. Yet so we are”.

(St. Leonard Murialdo, Writings XI, p. 297)

27 January

“Good and merciful God, we praise and bless you for the life and sanctity of the Venerable Father Giovanni Schiavo. We ask you, through his intercession, the grace to conduct a life similar to his, with total willingness to do your will”.

(Prayer of the postulation)

26 January

“You love me with your whole being, and I will love you with mine. You are infinite, and I am so small and so limited, but one who gives all, gives what he can,  and you are pleased with it; and so I give you my all, O God!”

(St Leonard Murialdo, Testament,  p. 119)

24 January

We will have fraternal union if we will base our common life upon charity, humility, mutual respect and tolerance, embracing all those who glory in the name of sons of St. Joseph”.

(Circulars of Fr. Costantino, p. 29)

23 January

Mary, united to Joseph, the just man, by a bond of marital and virginal love, celebrated you with song, worshipped you in silence, praised you with the work of her hands and glorified you with all her life”.

(Preface of Holy Mary of Nazareth)

21 January

We, even more than in other religious families, must strive more and more in the exercise of charity, so that mutual love between us be more alive, unity more close, and harmony of minds and hearts more perfect”.

(Haec fratribus, p. 66)