29 February

“The Josephan confrere, happy with the essentials, will use material goods without attaching hi heart to them, he will accept even the lack of what is necessary and will be ready to suffer the privations of the poor who cannot afford what others can”.

(Const. 11)

28 February

“If it should fail or diminish the spirit of St. Joseph, God forbid!, it would also diminish the life of the Congregation and its ministries would weaken; since Institutions live and thrive by virtue of that spirit that created them”.

(The Goal, p. 35)

27 February

In the different forms of life inspired by the Spirit throughout history, consecrated persons discover that the more they stand at the foot of the Cross of Christ, the more immediately and profoundly they experience the truth of God who is love”.

(Consecrated Life 24)

26 February

1983: CAXIAS DO SUL, (BRAZIL), House for the Novitiate and Philosophical courses

“The spirit of prayer should pervade all the moments of the day. It is a manifestation and the source of the will to love God with all one’s heart, with all one’s soul and with all one’s mind”.

(Const. 36)

25 February

According to the Lord’s teaching that it is necessary to pray always, a constant dialogue with the Father il of vital importance through a living awareness of his presence”.

(Const. 36)

23 February

1969: RIO DE JANEIRO, (BR), “Comunidade Murialdo”

“Saint Joseph should shape with his spirit our Congregation, which in the name of this saint has already mapped out clearly the program of its being and acting”.

(The Goal, p. 34)

22 February

“Further on there is the sacred pulpit. It was down there that you made me feel the call to the religious life for the first time. From there, my God and my Father, you took me step by step”.

(St Leonard Murialdo, Testament, p. 145)

21 February

“I go in a few steps and there I see the sacred tribunal  where you gave me again purity and peace of heart through your minister”.

(St Leonard Murialdo, Testament, p. 145)

20 February

“Following the example of the first disciples who put their possessions in common, each confrere will joyfully share all he has and receives with the community: his personal talents, experiences, time, the fruits of his labour, the gifts and, if necessary, even his health, since it is of the poor of the Gospel to give everything out of love”.

(Const. 10)