A family

The FdM is a gift of God for us today; a new possibility to live and witness the charism, expressing its beauty and richness; a spiritual bond among persons, who live in different states of life that give origin to new forms of fraternity.
The FdM is made up of persons and groups, who draw inspiration for their Christian life from the charism of saint Leonard Murialdo: it includes the Congregations of the Josephites and Sisters of Murialdo, the secular Institute, and lay organizations belonging to it with a particular bond, with various forms of associations reflecting territorial and cultural realities.

The Josephites


Logo della Congregazione di San GiuseppeThe richness of Murialdo’s charism shows its fullness when it is lived in different forms of Christian life and leads to a communion of vocations. The confreres feel a spiritual bond with all those who, even if in different states of life, have received together with them, the gift given by God to the Founder, a bond making them the Family of St. L. Murialdo. (Dir. 40)
The confreres consider themselves the first guardians of such a charism, given by the Spirit to the Church for the common good. They, on the light of the ecclesiology of communion, feel their identity strengthened within the larger spiritual reality known as Family of St. L. Murialdo, where the Founder’s charism expands. (Dir. 41)

Murialdine Sisters


Logo delle MurialdineWe, Murialdine sisters, feel a spiritual bond that makes us “Family of Murialdo” with the Josephites, sisters of the Secular Institute Murialdo and with all those lay people who feel called to follow Christ on the steps of saint Leonard Murialdo.
Our Congregation recognizes particularly those lay people who, through a journey of formation and a commitment to a closer bond,
share by vocation and in their own way the spirituality of saint Leonard Murialdo. (Dir. 50)

Secular Institute Murialdo


Il logo dell'IsmurSecular Institute Murialdo is a school of holiness, inspired by the Holy Spirit, in which one lives a specific charism side by side of every brother and sister in daily living.
It is a form of living more intensely the baptismal vocation, even though remaining in a family, without any distinction in the way of dressing or praying, doing a unique apostolate, all lived secretly, being light for others and glorifying the heavenly Father.

Lay people of Murialdo


laici murialdiniIl Saint Leonard Murialdo had as his characteristic an appreciation for laity. He knew how to involve lay people from different backgrounds and professions in pastoral and educational ministry.
He worked together with them and entrusted to them tasks of responsibility in the direction of many of his endeavors. He himself was a very sought-after collaborator because he had the ability to value one’s talents.

Community of lay people of Murialdo


Logo CLdMLay people of Murialdo – LdM support Josephites and Murialdo’s Sisters in order to collaborate and promote an apostolate coherent with the Charism, but especially aim as persons in communion among themselves to discover, to walk and to grow together with the religious Congregations and with all the Family of Murialdo, in the Spirituality of saint Leonard in order to be in the world witnesses of the infinite, tender and merciful love
that God has for each person.

Ex Alumni


Logo ExAllievi
The Italian federation makes its own the charism of saint Leonard Murialdo and identifies itself in the Family of Murialdo, to which it belongs; It is ready to cooperate in harmony with the initiatives of the Church and the Josephan Congregation.

Association of Apostolic Mothers


Logo AmaThe Association of Apostolic Mothers – A.M.A. – includes the ladies who, in contact with the Josephites, have understood the urgency of all Christians to respond to the invitation of Jesus “pray the Master of the harvest to send laborers into his harvest” and make the necessity of priestly and religious vocations for the Church and the Congregation of Saint Joseph the yearning of their prayer.

FdM spiritually renewed

May 18, 2013
Feast of Saint Leonard Murialdo

Dear friends,
The solemnity of St. Leonard gives us the opportunity to exchange the most fraternal wish through this letter addressed to all members of the Family of Murialdo: a mutual gift that we receive in the joy of feeling “of one heart and one soul” united by a “fascinating charism that fascinates us.”
The theme for this year is an invitation to reflect on the need of spiritual renewal. We feel the strong desire to walk with the Church as saint Leonard Murialdo has witnessed.
The spiritual renewal is this “journey that lasts a lifetime,” because “only through believing, then, does faith grow and become stronger; there is no other possibility for possessing certitude with regard to one’s life apart from self abandonment, in a continuous crescendo, into the hands of a love that seems to grow constantly because it has its origin in God.” (Porta Fidei, 7)
Indeed, we know that the art of living and renewing our daily lives is learned through an intense love relationship with Jesus.
Spiritual renewal is essential for every individual who wants to live with ever greater authenticity his/her own baptism and faith in Jesus Christ. Ongoing formation is demanded and we have the immense gift of the Charism of saint Leonard Murialdo, a spring of gushing water from which we can draw in renewing ourselves and rekindling our faith.
The spiritual renewal passes through a continuous re-embodiment of the spirituality of our holy Founder rooted on the theology of the incarnation and therefore on the awareness of the value of each human being as inhabited by God, redeemed by the blood of Christ and being a temple of the Holy Spirit. These are the words used by saint Leonard Murialdo to prompt the respect and the dedication of the educator toward every boy and youth, as another Jesus.
The theology of the incarnation implies also an interpretation full of hope and confidence in the present realities. In the final message of the recent Synod of Bishops we read: “This serene courage also affects the way we look at the world today. We are not intimidated by the circumstances of the times in which we live. Our world is full of contradictions and challenges, but it remains God’s creation. The world is wounded by evil, but God loves it still. It is his field in which the sowing of the Word can be renewed so that it might bear fruit once more.” (no. 6)
Jesus tells us that he came so that “we might have life and have it abundantly (Jn 10:10).
He wants for us a full and joyful life, “a spiritual life,” a life in the Holy Spirit. In fact, when we speak of “spiritual renewal” we do not mean our effort to acquire something, but the discovery of a dynamism that engages us in a love relationship with the One who loves us first.
Spiritual renewal consists therefore in the vital and decisive commitment to conform our lives to Christ, to come to be able to say with saint Paul: “It is no longer I who live but Christ who lives in me” (Gal 2:20).We are called to walk in the direction of forgetting ourselves by taking care of interpersonal relationships, making space to listen to each other, to sharing, to spiritual communication, to apostolic co-responsibility.
To embark on the path of spiritual renewal is an opportunity and commitment to enter into contemplation and adoring silence, to feed on and live the saving Word and moving towards a deeper spiritual balance that leads us to a unified life.
We need contemplative moments that intertwine with the ordinary life: places of the soul, but also places of the environment, that call to God, “Only the sight and the hearing accustomed to daily contemplative encounter with Christ will find him present, love him and serve him in the face and voice of the poor youths( XXII General Chapter no. 24)
Contemplation is something essential to faith and its journey: through contemplation we report to the heart, in the transparency of God, words, people, relationships, daily events find their meaning. But in order to live contemplation our own free will is necessary to join the proposal of love of Christ because God’s presence in our lives is perceived as a slight breeze (1Kgs 19:11-13) a breeze that grazes us and, if we are not careful, we do not even feel it.
The love and the presence of God do not force themselves upon our existence. The presence of God is a presence on tiptoe, it is a gentle caress that makes us feel his closeness leaving us free to respond to his love. It is a presence so delicate that at times, we find it hard to catch it, distracted by a thousand activities that distinguish our days.
There are many, perhaps too many things to do every day, and God wants to be a breath of fresh air that renews us, if we freely accept it.
Then his love will invade our hearts and will not abandon it any longer.
God will take us by his hand if we would like to grab his hand.
But how far we have to go before being able to really trust Him, before abandoning fully as saint Leonard Murialdo, our father in faith, did!
The spiritual attitude of permanent conversion opens us to the gift of God, allows us to let his Spirit break and sweep away the dust of our habits and to loosen the bonds of our rigidity, opens us to benevolence and mercy towards others,
keeps us young in spirit.
The spiritual life of the members of the Family of Murialdo
For us, the sons and daughters of saint Leonard, the spiritual renewal is to grow in the spirit of faith that saint Leonard Murialdo has practiced and has taught us.
Faith implies that confidence that we can do, with the help of Jesus and the power of his Spirit, what for our nature we would never imagine of being able to do. Faith includes the belief that we can go beyond our own limitations and, in the name of Jesus, to do things which are believed impossible.
The Gospel entrusted to the disciples has become a force that has transformed the world: they have done impossible things because they believed that Jesus was with them.
Saint Leonard shows us two models of great faith whom we must look at: Joseph, Jesus’ earthly father, and Mary, his mother.
Let us focus our attention on saint Joseph; we are invited to embrace his faithful abandonment to God’s will, his courage in facing difficulties trusting in the Almighty, his selfless dedication to Jesus, his affection for his beloved wife Mary, his humility and hard work, his capacity for inner silence.
Let us look at Mary’s faith: a serene and generous faith, diligent and caring. Mary pronounced her yes to a project bigger than herself, she agreed to enter into a mystery which perhaps she could see the greatness without being able to fully understand it. She abandoned herself to God, to whom she gave her freedom. The “yes” said at the Annunciation, was the yes of all the days of her life, even in the difficult days when “a sword has pierced her soul.” (Lk 2:35)
Let us live our lives as Joseph and Mary: with generosity and loyalty, appreciation and gratitude, joy and gladness, with a contemplative attitude and doing works of solidarity.
Our spiritual renewal consists in this journey of faith underpinned by ongoing formation that involves all aspects of our lives.
In the experience of saint Leonard, moved by the discovery of God’s love and the condition of the poorest youth of his time, the Holy Spirit has poured out this charism at the service of the Church for the salvation of the world through the Christian education of the poorest youths and we, as sons and daughters of saint Leonard Murialdo, are called to see the face of Christ in the faces of the poor youths. To stand beside those who are wounded by life is not just an exercise in solidarity, but first of all a spiritual experience because the face of Christ shines in the face of the poor: “Whatever you did for one of my least brothers and sisters, you did it to me.” (Mt 25: 40)

The charism of saint Leonard Murialdo is charming and current, a charism that consoles and challenges and the Holy Spirit invites us to a renewed fidelity to it. It is the talent we have received for bearing fruit, to share in communion with other vocations, in a logic of reciprocity in which everyone participates to others the gift received.

An integral part of this spiritual renewal to which we are called in order to live a unified, grateful and blessed life, consists in loving passionately the charism, in joyfully bearing witness to a given life, to share the gift received.

Each one’s step, in this journey makes everyone grow and as a gift and sign of hope, makes the path of holiness of saint Leonard Murialdo shine in the world.
May our Saint help us to walk together,
with joy and conviction this path!

In his name we embrace all of you

d. Mario Aldegani -­‐ Josephites of Murialdo
suor Orsola Bertolotto -­‐ Murialdine of St. Joseph
Moema Murycy -­‐ The Secular Institute – Murialdo
Roberto Frison -­‐ Community of Lay People of Murialdo – Italy

Pray of FdM


Good and Merciful Lord,
we thank you
for the gospel witness
of Saint Leonard Murialdo:
we ask you to support us
in following his example
and to help us in the difficulties of life.
You who gave him to youth
as friend, brother and father,
grant us the grace to continue
his mission in the Church
with humble charity
and trustful courage
so that the world may know
and believe in your Love.


Logo of FdM


Central point is the house:
It is symbol of the welcoming that our Family wants
to transmit
in the commitment to youth, especially the poorest.
The white light that issues from the house is symbol of the Love of God, which we have experienced on the footprints of saint Leonard Murialdo and makes us able to welcome others.
At the same time the light is also symbol of vitality and warmth that home life can communicate.
The roof is symbol of the family that protects and cares,
giving affection
and comfort.
The light does not remain closed inside,
but with multicolored rays
through affection and “sweetness of gestures”
by the red color, spreads.
Each one of us can endeavor
that the beautiful things
of the Family of Murialdo
may become known outside!
The complex irregularity of the sign symbolizes
the vitality
of the Family of Murialdo
besides the youth in general, very active
and “free and easy” unconventionally.

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