A grateful community…

Sunday, October 11, the community of Santa Maria delle Farine gathered around its “old” parish priest Father Luigi Carletti to celebrate his 50th anniversary of priesthood. He came to us back in September 1998 to replace Father Giovanni De Angelis, who was old. A not easy replacement it was, but Father Luigi, with patience and humility, was able to enter into the hearts of the parishioners. For fourteen years he worked to make the parish grow along with the pastoral council, the catechists, to the group in charge of celebrations and all those who were lending a hand in the parish, even in cleaning the church, like many of us remember him with the folds of the pants rolled up while he removed the grass from the grand staircase of the church of San Pietro. The celebration began Friday night with us catechists, “old” and new, in our favorite pizza place, remembering the old days, when at the end of each pastoral year he offered us a pizza. But this time we paid!

Sunday 11 the day began at nine with a Eucharistic celebration in the church of Santa Maria delle Farine, followed at 10:30 by mass in the church of San Pietro, a packed church where there were many youths who father Luigi helped to grow in faith and love for the parish. We prayed and thanked the Lord for these first 50 years as a priest in the Josephan congregation. As they say in Italy, all the psalms end up in glory: the day ended in the hall next to the church of the Farine by sharing joyfully a good lunch prepared by the pastoral council.




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