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24 January

We will have fraternal union if we will base our common life upon charity, humility, mutual respect and tolerance, embracing all those who glory in the name of sons of St. Joseph”.

(Circulars of Fr. Costantino, p. 29)

23 January

Mary, united to Joseph, the just man, by a bond of marital and virginal love, celebrated you with song, worshipped you in silence, praised you with the work of her hands and glorified you with all her life”.

(Preface of Holy Mary of Nazareth)

21 January

We, even more than in other religious families, must strive more and more in the exercise of charity, so that mutual love between us be more alive, unity more close, and harmony of minds and hearts more perfect”.

(Haec fratribus, p. 66)

20 January

Where two or three are gathered together in my name there am I in the midst of them… How consoling! We who are good at so little. But having Jesus with us, to encourage us, to teach us, to communicate himself…”.

(St Leonard Murialdo,  Writings IV, p. 116)

19 January

It seems that St. Joseph, inspiring our Congregation, has been unable to give it any other characteristic than his own, and that we, showing humility and meekness and practising them by preference, just carry on us, so to speak, the author’s seal and his trademark”.

(Explanation, p. 84-5)

18 January

The essential feature is unity, concord; and then concord can last if humility and charity triumph; from them tolerance and forgiveness of the small clashes that can happen are born”.

(St Leonard Murialdo, Writings IX, p. 234)

17 January

Never let a day go by without praying this Lady, who as our mother is not able to deny us the graces we ask her for, and as the Mother of God gets from God what she wants”.

(St Leonard Murialdo, Writings VII, p. 332)

16 January

St. Joseph is for us that faithful and prudent servant whom God has appointed as head of his family and from whom we have to take direction and example”.

(The goal, p. 34)