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25 February

“According to the Lord’s teaching that it is necessary to pray always, a constant dialogue with the Father il of vital importance through a living awareness of his presence”. (Const. 36)


24 February

1960: FAZENDA SOUZA, (BR), “N.S. da Saúde” Parish “The virtues of St. Joseph have to be ours, and his ministries must be ours”. (The Goal, p. 34)


23 February

1969: RIO DE JANEIRO, (BR), “Comunidade Murialdo” “Saint Joseph should shape with his spirit our Congregation, which in the name of this saint has already mapped out clearly the program of its being and acting”. (The Goal, p. 34)


22 February

“Further on there is the sacred pulpit. It was down there that you made me feel the call to the religious life for the first time. From there, my God and my Father, you took me step by step”. (St Leonard Murialdo, Testament, p. 145)


21 February

“I go in a few steps and there I see the sacred tribunal  where you gave me again purity and peace of heart through your minister”. (St Leonard Murialdo, Testament, p. 145)


20 February

“Following the example of the first disciples who put their possessions in common, each confrere will joyfully share all he has and receives with the community: his personal talents, experiences, time, the fruits of his labour, the gifts and, if necessary, even his health, since it is of the poor of the Gospel to give […]


19 February

“When I enter your temple, O God, I experience a great feeling of peace and of love! Actually, everything here speaks to me of love… of that love that you had and still have for me, and of that love that I owe to you”. (St Leonard Murialdo, Testament, p. 145)


18 February

“Priceless are the advantages of the life of faith; it leads surely and directly to God. There, the soul does not build on the sand, but on solid ground, on the immovable rock that is Christ Jesus”. (Life of Faith, p. 23)


16 February

“Life of faith can be likened to a perpetual Communion by which God gives himself to us, under the appearances of every day acts”. (Life of faith, p. 22)