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14 February

Those who have the life of faith judge no more things by appearance, but by the light of faith through which faith discovers priceless treasures”.

(Life of faith, p. 21)

13 February

Those entering the Congregation enter unto a house of poor and, for love of Jesus who became poor for us, they choose to lead a life of real poverty”.

(Const. 7)

12 February

Put on the spirit of Jesus Christ. Be guided in everything by supernatural reasons. Always act in accordance with the teachings of faith”.

(Life of faith, p. 5-7)

10 February

I finished the novena to Our Lady of Lourdes; but really I have not asked healing in an absolute way, but the best for the greater glory of God”.

(St Leonard Murialdo, Letters III, 1067)

9 February

“I beg of you, dear sons and confreres, I beg of you not to be scandalized by the account of my miseries, but rather to draw unshakeable trust from the recital of the mercies of God that were bestowed upon your poor spiritual father and to learn from it not to be discouraged, no matter how deep the abyss of sin into which you may have fallen may be”.

(St Leonard Murialdo, Testament, p. 71)

8 February

O God, Father of mercies, who sent Saint Jerome Emiliani as a helper and father to orphans, grant, through his intercession, that we may preserve faithfully the spirit of adoption, by which we are called, and truly are, your children”.

(From the Liturgy, Opening Prayer)

7 February

1947: SANTIAGO DE CHILE, (CHILE), Lyceum “Leonardo Murialdo”

Tell me: if I were the master and regulator of the world, do you think would let happen to you something for your trouble? And will God do it? Therefore, be always resigned and indeed always happy and glad of what God will send you”.

(St Leonard Murialdo, Letters III, p. 1222)

6 February

We are so accustomed to see happen quite the opposite of what everyone expected, that we should not be afraid of what seems to threaten us. We Christians are always happy: can by chance something happen to us that God does not want?

(St Leonard Murialdo, Letters III, p. 1222)