Monday, June 18

Chapter work

The whole day is spent in the general assembly reviewing the documents of the 5 commissions. The assembly offers general observations, ideas, priorities, parts to be removed, things to add, corrections, etc. A patient and demanding work, but necessary in order to widen the horizon, to hear the perspectives of all, and to build unity and the future!
Among those invited to the chapter, the Mother General of the Murialdo Sisters, Sr. Orsola, left last week and was replaced by Vicar General, Sr. Cecilia Ferrazza.
We accompany Br. José Lorenzo Paños (Spain) with our prayer, as he was hospitalized last Friday in the nearby “De los Valles” hospital for breathing problems. He remains in the hospital but, fortunately, he is on the way toward healing.


This is the most telematic, technological, and digital general chapter in the history of the congregation. Few papers and photocopies and many clicks and lots of files on the computer; many votes with an online electronic system activated on the members’ laptops or tablets (in the chapter room there is a display of Acer, Apple, Asus, Compaq, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Samsung, Toshiba, etc.); many news, photos, and videos in real time through social media and the website in 4 languages. These too, are truly epoch-making “signs of the times.” Seeing how we are together these days, they do not seem to endanger the most beautiful and true ingredients of the chapter: relationship, fraternity, dialogue, internationality! Should this not be the case in all communities, in all families, and in the lives of young people?

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