Big celebration in Villa Bosch

At the Pius XII-Murialdo Institutes of Villa Bosch – Buenos Aires, Argentina – it was held, as every year, the science, art and technology 2015 EXPO, which coincided with the golden jubilee of the technical secondary school and the thirtieth anniversary of the secondary school for adults. They were days of shared celebration, marked by joy and gratitude to God and many lay men and women and religious who have woven this wonderful story of love.

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“Evangelisers with spirit”: a motto that accompanied us throughout the school year 2015, and which expresses the identity of our Educational Community, formed by the “Pius XII” Institute, the “Leonardo Murialdo” Institute and the Educational Community Centre “San Leonardo Murialdo”.

The challenge, shared by parents, teachers, students, and the entire staff of the school, is permanent and demanding: “evangelizing by educating and educating by evangelising”. No doubt it was also the greatest effort implemented over fifty years at the Technical School, now “Leonardo Murialdo” Institute, which while recalling its golden jubilee, (1965-2015), thanks, acknowledges, renews and reaffirms the commitment to continue in the footsteps of St. Leonard Murialdo, sowing hope in the hearts of many students, giving a home and a family to young people who knock on the door of our Educational Community.

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This anniversary, as well as the thirty years of the Secondary School for adults, becomes a propitious occasion to “meet again” and motivate us more and better to be authentic “evangelizers with spirit”, continuing the legacy of the confreres Josephites of Murialdo and the many lay men and women, who shared responsibility in witnessing the charism of Saint Leonard Murialdo, and with their lives made possible this Community-Educational Family. Therefore: mom, dad, teacher, student, former student, religious who live in this community, giving the best of you:

  • Get close with merciful love to every person, only one who feels loved can live positively.
  • Turn your love of preference to those who suffer the most: it is the best means to free and heal their hearts, their minds… their whole persons.
  • Shout the Beatitudes: may everyone know who are the precursors of the “new world” and “heirs of the promises.”
  • Proclaim also the “Woe to you…”; may everyone know who are the “princes” of darkness, murderers of hope and spring.
  • Sing the victory of the “poor” and the defeat of the “powerful”.
  • Expose the false hopes; they dress seductively, but are oppressive and alienating.
  • Learn the signs of the times: all point towards Easter and the New Life.
  • See the good side of life; do not be a prophet of doom or sower of discord. Be optimistic and witness of the victory that comes from Easter.
  • Use the tools of dialogue, non-violence, tolerance, truth and goodness, the world around you will begin to be different.
  • Open yourself to the light, the power and joy of the Spirit of God, renewing breath of the resurrected Christ.
  • Do not stop loving, and… “where there is no love, put love, and will reap love”!
  • Build “bridges” that join, knock down the “walls” that separate; weave relationships with authenticity, simplicity, warmth, respect and… joy.
  • Continue to “do good doing it well,” knowing that God always loves you infinitely, and fills your life and especially announce it to all: “GOD LOVES YOU”!

A big thank you… and best wishes to all.





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