30 April

1972: “Sagrada Familia” Parish in Villa Nueva de Guaymallén (Mendoza) AR

“The confreres see Saint Joseph as their model and patron. By practicing humility and totally offering himself, he educated and guarded the Son of God, living for Him and with Him a life nurtured by great trust in the Father. The confreres will thank the Lord for having been chosen to continue within the Church his spirit and his mission”.

(Const. 5)

28 April

“The unceasing work of the Holy Spirit in every age shows forth the richness of the practice of the evangelical counsels through a multiplicity of charisms. In this way too he makes ever present in the Church and in the world, in time and space, the mystery of Christ”.

(Vita Consecrata 5)

27 April

1967: AVON, (USA), “St. Leonard House”

“What nonsense not to become a saint! We would be fine here; infinitely and eternally better off there; and why not do it”?

(St Leonard Murialdo, Letters IV, 1817)

26 April

“The present difficulties which a number of Institutes are encountering in some parts of the world must not lead to a questioning of the fact that the profession of the evangelical counsels is an integral part of the Church’s life and a much needed incentive towards ever greater fidelity to the Gospel”.

(Vita Consecrata 3)

25 April

“My God, I ask you to make me a saint, a great saint and now. I hope so, knowing something about your mercy, your power and your love. But why say: I hope so? I believe –o my love– that you love me more than my mother; because you want it, I believe it”.

(St Leonard Murialdo, Writings I, p. 90)

24 April

Let us have no illusions: unless we follow this spiritual path, external structures of communion will serve very little purpose. They would become mechanisms without a soul, ‘masks’ of communion rather than its means of expression and growth”.

(Novo Millenio Ineunte 43)

22 April

1922: start for the mission in ECUADOR

A spirituality of communion means, finally, to know how to ‘make room’ for our brothers and sisters, bearing ‘each other’s burdens’ and resisting the selfish temptations which constantly beset us and provoke competition, careerism, distrust and jealousy”.

(Novo Millennio Ineunte 43)

20 April

“As our Lord Jesus Christ lovingly accepted the Father’s will in every occurrence and through all forms of mediation, so the confreres learn from his example and his Word to recognize God’s providential presence in every circumstance”.

(Const. 20)

19 April

“We attribute to our father St. Joseph all good things that are done through us, and we honour only him for the spreading of the Congregation, the new foundations, the success of the works of zeal, saying and thinking that St. Joseph did this or that”.

(Declarations, p. 10)