15 June

At a time in history like the present, special attention must also be given to the pastoral care of the family, particularly when this fundamental institution is experiencing a radical and widespread crisis. On this point the Church cannot yield to cultural pressures, no matter how widespread and even militant they may be.

(Novo Millennio Ineunte 47)

14 June

1939: SOMMARIVA BOSCO (Cuneo), I, Shrine of the “B. V. Maria di S. Giovanni”

The confreres, knowing that the diverse gifts of the Spirit are for the common good, work at their tasks in unity of thought, action and in a friendly way so as to form an educational family totally and unanimously committed to youth”.

(Const. 48)

12 June

1983: RIO DE JANEIRO, (BR), “São Jorge” parish

The apostolic sensitivity and the choice of living in contact with youth will lead the confreres to undertake courageous initiatives and appropriate adaptations so that the educational activity may be constantly fruitful”.

(Const. 46)

11 June

Community life will thereby reflect the mysterious unity of the Trinity, and at the same time, in a visible way, the mystery of the Church, the mystical body of Christ.  It will show people that the Lord is present when they are united in his name”.

(Const. 27)

10 June

The Congregation, being aware of the signs of the times and adapting itself to the changing needs of people and places, will offer in its institutions and through its activities a home and a family to the young people who do not have one, the chance for study and preparation for a job, a place for their free time, an atmosphere of education and above all a centre for evangelization and Christian life”.

(Const. 46)

31 May

God wants us to get all the graces through the intercession of Mary, wanting so, with this singular privilege, to glorify and exalt the Mother of his Son”.

(St Leonard Murialdo, Writings VI, p. 287-288)

30 May

“As the Founder exhorts, the confreres shall call upon the Immaculate Virgin, Mediatrix of grace and mother of mercy: they shall honour her with filial love; shall spread her devotion and see her as the model for their religious consecration”.

(Const. 43)

29 May

“My good Mother freed me from a heavy cross, and did so as soon as I had recourse to her, remembering her that no one ever had recourse to her without being granted”.

(St Leonard Murialdo, Testament, p. 147)

27 May

“Love for Jesus Christ is the motivation that does it all. Preach sermons on every duty; everyone is convinced; but do they put them into practice? Yes, in proportion to their love for Jesus”.

(St Leonard Murialdo, Writings I, p. 160)

26 May

“O God, who never cease to bestow the glory of holiness on the faithful servants you raise up for yourself, graciously grant that the Holy Spirit may kindle in us that fire with which he wonderfully filled the heart of Saint Philip Neri”.

(From the Liturgy, Collect)