18 April

1949: Albuquerque, (USA), first presence of the Josephites

“I would like to see the Congregation of Saint Joseph spread the knowledge (everywhere, but especially among its members) of the infinite, the real and personal love that God has for everyone”.

(St Leonard Murialdo, Testament, p. 111)

17 April

“Consecrated chastity increases the ability to love God with all their heart, without uncertainties, and to love confreres and youth with total freedom and availability. It is the source of intimacy with God, apostolic fecundity, and of that inexhaustible joy that fills all solitude”.

(Const. 15)

15 April

In the inner pains and struggles, in darkness, in the different trials, let us remember Christ’s words: It is I. Do not be afraid”.

(Life of Faith, p. 19-20)

31 March

“Consecrated chastity enables the confreres to be totally available to everybody and to lead among them an authentic life of communion and friendship. Besides, true brotherly love in community helps them live their consecrated chastity with joy, and it is a valid aid in moments of difficulty”.

(Const. 17)

30 March

1863: “Collegio Artigianelli” in Turin (I) moves to Corso Palestro.

“What a story, my God, a story of your mercies and of my ingratitude! I don’t know of any other history or biography in which the incomprehensible generosity of God could shine forth better!”

(St Leonard Murialdo, Testament, p. 75)

29 March

“Why did he die? Not for his convenience, not by necessity, but willingly, for us; because he was feeling such pain at seeing us in the flames of hell that he prefers to suffer himself, like a mother who, to save her child from the flames, has so much love to throw herself into the flames”.

(St Leonard Murialdo, Writings VI, p. 144)

28 March

We need to promote a spirituality of communion, making it the guiding principle of education wherever individuals and Christians are formed, wherever ministers of the altar, consecrated persons, and pastoral workers are trained, wherever families and communities are being built up”.

(Novo Millenio Ineunte 43)

27 March

“The world in our days offers a sad spectacle. We see a God who loves men in the extreme, even to folly; and men instead do not love God”.

(St. Leonard Murialdo,Writings VI, p. 80)

25 March

1958: ROME, (I), “Pontifical Oratory San Paolo”
1998: POPESTI –Bucaresti, (ROMANIA), “Fraternitatea Murialdo”

“Like Mary! This is the motto of her holiness, of her morals, and of her theology: behold the handmaid of the Lord, be it done unto me according to your word”.

(St. Leonard Murialdo,Writings II, p. 71)