Tuesday 12 June

This is also a date that will go down in the history of the congregation. The 39 members gathered in Quito and the 6 members of the Murialdo’s Family invited, together with the general council of the Murialdine Sisters, had a very intense and meaningful day. These few lines will be not sufficient to describe it, nor the beautiful photos attached, but more can be shared with each of you when you meet some of the present chapter members.
After Lauds and breakfast everyone gathered in the auditorium of the house to listen to the meditation presented by Fr. Gustavo Barreda (Buenos Aires) on the openness to the action of the Spirit and its surprises.

After a time of meditation we have celebrated together the solemn Mass of the Holy Spirit, presided, according to tradition, by the younger confrere, Fr. Shine John (India), surrounded by the other youngest Chapter member: Fr. Edward Kanu and p. Augustine Lebbie (Sierra Leone), p. Misihadas Govindan (India), p. Giuseppe d’Oria (Italy) and p. Patricio Pulgar Hills (Chile).
At 4:00 pm everyone once again gathered in the auditorium, for the election of Father General: a lot of silence, emotions, and then oath taken on the Bible by all the individual Chapter members and voting procedures with the ballots. On the second ballot, with a large majority, it was elected Fr. Tullio Locatelli who, moved, accepts saying: “I have not prepared a speech, but I accept. Please, accompany me in this task!”. Thunderous applause, hug with everyone present, wish of Fr. Mario Aldegani, singing together “Nada te turbe …”.

A sumptuous dinner followed culminated with a cake prepared “ad hoc” and best wishes to the newly elected.
The new p. General is 67 years old, having been born in Terno d’Isola (Bergamo) on 6 April 1951. Ordained priest in 1979 in Viterbo, he worked in Valbrembo and as Rector of the St. Peters the philosophical and theological Institute of Viterbo”; Elected Vicar General from 1994 to 2006, he then held the position of Provincial of Italy from 2006 to 2012 and was finally Postulator and General Secretary from 2012 to 2018.

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