Saturday, June 16.

We celebrate Fr. Luigi Cencin, outgoing superior of the vice-province of Africa, who turns 66! We devote the morning to complete the demanding work of the commissions. At 3:00 PM, when we gather in assembly, all the documents from the five commission seem ready.
Here is the summary of the 5 commissions (theme and components):

1) On the road with young people (Mission)
Danilo Magni (Pres.), Patricio Pulgar (Segr.), Edward Kanu, Enzo Fiore, Francesco Farnesi, Mario Aldegani, Guido Montenegro, Marcelino Modelski.

2) Listening to a changing world (Education)
Antonio Laurí De Souza (Pres.), Giuseppe d’Oria (Segr.), José Luis Di Paolo, José Lorenzo Paños, Nadir Poletto, Misihadas Govindan, Bruno Guzzonato, Fidel Antón, Lorenzo Tosco, Ferruccio Brignoli, Marco Villalba.

3) We announce the joy of the Gospel (Consecration)
Alejandro Bazán (Pres.), Salvatore Currò (Segr.), Mariano Zenere, Dirceu Rigo, Shine John, Juvenal Dotta, Roberto Landa, Luigi Cencin, Antonio Lucente, Jaime Bravo.

4) Sharing the charism (Family of Murialdo)

Giuseppe Rainone (Pres.), Cristina Casado (Segr.), Orsola Bertolotto, Miguel Enrique Romero, Gustavo Barreda, Elo João Back, Augustine Lebbie, Juan Flores.

5) Government, economy, communion
Mariolino Parati (Pres.), Alessandro Pellizzari (Segr.), Antonio Barone, Giuseppe Negro, Juarez Dalan, Lorenzo Sibona, Miguel Zampedri.

At 5 PM, after so many sessions, documents, computers, motions… a good breath of Josephan Oxygen: meeting with the youth of the St. Leonard Family of the Ecuadorian-Colombian province, coordinated by Fr. Jaime Bravo (vice president of the chapter and director of the community of Babahoyo, Ecuador). We gather all together in the auditorium: speeches, prayers, songs, … and a nice final dinner! A beautiful moment of fraternity with youth, the subject of many words in the chapter and finally also in direct contact with us, face to face! For the rest, the photos attached and others that you find on social networks speak for themselves…

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