Chapter work

We were good, we worked hard! And so we finished the chapter two days in advance! A few final motions, the vision of the overall final document, various thanks, signatures, official act of closing of the XXIII general chapter before lunch, etc …
And so after lunch with a nice “pasta alla carbonara”, we all leave for the East in the historic Amazonian mission of Napo: four hours by bus, climbing up to the 4,000 meters of Papallacta, then down to Tena, where the heat, the humidity and the equatorial rains make us realize that we are in another world, and not just climatically speaking … But we will write about this in more detail tomorrow or the day after tomorrow because we will be very busy traveling and visiting …


Prayer at the chapter. We have chose 3 confreres to coordinate the moments of prayer: Fr. Giuseppe d’Oria, Fr. Misihadas Govindan and Fr. Vincenzo Fiore. They coordinated Morning Prayer, the Daily Mass, the prayer before every chapter session and every meal and the evening Vespers, commissioning various confreres to preside or animate… and all in the four languages of the congregation. Fr. Mariolino and the postulant Cristian collaborated with the songs and provided the music.
The rosary was left to the free initiative of groups of confreres after dinner. And then there are the thousands of prayers that confreres and friends did for us during these days and even before … this too has been good for us and made us feel close. Thank you!

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