I will make with you an everlasting covenant

The verse of the prophet Isaiah was chosen as the motto by the three young people who in the memory of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary –November 21– professed perpetually the evangelical counsels in the Congregation of St. Joseph. The rite was held during the meeting of young people from vaious Italian Josephan institutions “On the footsteps of Murialdo“, at San Leonardo Murialdo Parish, Viterbo, in the presence of a good group of confreres, a hundred young people from different parts of Italy, many friends and parishioners. Father General, Mario Aldegani, received their professions.

Hugo Baràs (Argentina), Melques Franklin and Saji Pulladisseri (India) after a long period of preparation –called normally “initial formation”– wanted to give themselves to God for life in the service of poor young people, based on the certainty that God loves us with especially merciful love. All three of them are still students of the third year of theology at St. Peter Institute, and are preparing to receive, next year, the diaconate, the first degree of the sacrament of Holy Orders.

The celebration, presided over by Father General, was followed by a reception and dinner offered by the Murialdo Parish to all present.

Once again we are convinced that Josephan consecrated life has no meaning if it is outside the sphere of youth, especially the poor and needy ones. It is with this certainty that we wish Hugo, Melques and Saji being increasingly able to answer the call of God in the midst of youth, never forgetting that the Josephites respond to God’s love through working with needy youth. As the Pope said during his visit to South Korea, «Your chastity, poverty and obedience will become a joyful witness of the love of God to the extent that you stand firm on the rock of his mercy. That is the rock.» Let us be increasingly aware that our rock is God’s mercy! Best wishes to the three perpetually professed! Best wishes!


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