In memory of a “little” big Josephite…

We must always thank God for his gifts, and one among the greatest gifts is to meet people who help us to walk with the Lord. Fr. Mario Meneghini was so for many boys and youth whom he served and loved in his life as a Josephan priest. Even the then boys of Viterbo who knew him when he was a student keep alive his memory, after seventy years!

For this reason, ten years after his encounter with the merciful Father, the “youth” of his Catholic Action of the Patronato Leone XIII, Vicenza (Italy) wanted to commemorate him, Sunday, Oct. 18. There were also some former students, from Padua too, grateful for his service as their assistant, and before that as their director at the Patronato del Santo. There were his nephews, arrived from Thiene.

After the Holy Mass those present shared testimonies and memories, to which were added the photo albums and documents of those years. A simple and nice brunch concluded the morning.

Father Mario, or Don Marietto, left a deep mark in all those whom he accompanied in his priestly ministry. At least five religious vocations arose among his youth, and many beautiful families. May the Lord always send us Josephites like him! 



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