Friday 8 June

Chapter work

The fifth day of the general chapter began with a beautiful Eucharist on the solemnity of the Sacred Heart, one of the primary feasts of the congregation, which celebrates the central aspect of Murialdine spirituality: the love of God.

The rest of the day was characterized by the assembly discussion on the various points of the moral relationship (consecration, formation, community, youth, lay people, government, economy, life of individual provinces, …). You listen a lot (almost everyone takes the floor for 5 or 10 minutes) and maybe you get tired a little, but you understand that the chapter hall becomes the crossroads of many reflections, very rich and interesting, coming from the experiences lived by the confreres in various cultures and parts of the world. Everyone can express himself in his own language and a translation can be given, if necessary: this is internationalism too! Important assembly meetings in order to know each other and laying the foundation for the work of the coming days.


The general chapter, as if it were a new great international Josephan community set up for this month of June, besides some important liturgical feasts (Corpus Domini, Sacred Heart, etc …), celebrates also the birthday of 3 brothers (Antonio Lucente, Juan Flores and Luigi Cencin), the anniversary of the ordination of Giovenale Dotta, and also the 25th anniversary of the missionary life of Bruno Guzzonato, Luigi Cencin (in Sierra Leone) and Vincenzo Fiore (in Mexico): a special prayer in the church, a song in the dining room and the inevitable cake; even these celebrations build fraternity!

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