It is time for mercy-ing

Youth Ministry of Argentina-Chile, as part of its formation program, helds every two or three years the “Murialdine Youth Meeting” (EJM), which together with the annual School for Murialdine Animators” (ESCAM), gives our young people an opportunity to come together as Murialdine family and feel with the Church the pace of our history, reflecting, sharing, praying and celebrating the grace that is the charism of Saint Leonard Murialdo at the service of the beloved of the Lord.

EJM 2015 6

This thirteenth edition of EJM was held on 6-8 November in the “Patronato” of Santa Filomena, in Santiago, Chile (the institution this year celebrated 125 years since its foundation and is the first patronato of Latin America), and that from nearly seventy years houses the Liceo Murialdo.
With the motto “It is time for mercy-ing” (a new word by Pope Francis) we anticipated the start of the Jubilee Year of mercy, with a six-kilometer pilgrimage to the Shrine of the Immaculate Conception on the Cerro San Cristobal, where, at sunset, we celebrated the sacramental reconciliation and the Eucharist, led by the provincial Fr José Luis di Paolo. Looking down to the big city, in the context of the Continental Mission, we prepared to proclaim the Gospel in the big city

EJM 2015 1

Saturday 7 the more than five hundred participants gathered in 20 groups, each with a work of mercy: the traditional fourteen, one about the beauty of mercy, and two more on the defense of nature, as another chance to live mercy. So, after thinking about biblical, dogmatic and philosophical foundations of these acts of mercy, we went to different help centres throughout the city of Santiago, bringing the joy of “Mercy-ing” to free tuition centres, orphanages, rest homes, homeless shelters, monasteries, squares, museums, hospitals, prisons and even cemeteries!

EJM 2015 3

When we were back, a celebration of colours, music and lights, with the video greeting of Fr Mario Aldegani and Sister Orsola Bertolotto. Sunday, after the video greeting of Fr Alejandro Bazan, we share the closing Mass that was presided over by H. E. Galo Fernandez, Auxiliary Bishop of Santiago, who once again invited the youth to share the Joy of the Gospel mercy-ing, ie being disciples-missionaries with attitudes like “smiling, embracing, forgiving and serving.”

You can see the photos on Facebook: EJM Santiago, and Instagram: ejmsantiago2015, and you can see the promotional videos on Youtube:

Video Nº 1 Encuentro de Juventud Murialdina

Video Nº 2- Encuentro de Juventud Murialdina.

Video Nº 3- Encuentro de Juventud Murialdina.

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