Capitular work
And it was evening and it was morning: the 9th day! The second week of the chapter begins with the presentation of the Instrumentum Laboris (Fr. Fidel), the indications for the work in the commissions (Fr. Salvatore) and the subdivision into groups, of which we will give you news in the near future.
In the afternoon, the rules and procedures relating to the elections of the superior general and his council are recalled, followed by a discussion in the chapter hall on the characteristics and expectations of those who exercise the service of authority in the congregation.
Today, however, there is a morning of retreat and prayer, followed in the afternoon by the election of the general superior: one more reason to intensify prayer on this day!

What do the Chapter members do during free moments? They do the most beautiful thing in the chapter: fraternization and dialogue! There are those who walk in the beautiful internal courtyard, equipped with green beds, fountain and benches; some go out for some more demanding walks; there are those who share what they are doing in their community or province of origin; there are those who share (little secretly) about who could be the new Father General and who the Counselors; there are those who control their smartphone or work on the computer (e-mail, internet news, documents for the Chapter works); there are those who spend some time in the chapel; … but do not miss someone watching a movie together in the evening after dinner, and finally the ever-present “Josephites from Bergamo city”, with some intruders, who try their hand at lively cards matches with “Scopone Scientifico and Briscola Chiamata”! And these moments are no less important for building the “climate of the chapter” and supporting the true work of all the other moments.

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