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56. MURIALDO’S YOUTHS – One way of being young

The narrative of an experience in action can be useful to get guidance and important information for those who work pastorally in other social and cultural contexts. The basic idea here is to create a communication network that could become a means of spreading educational ideas, learning about on going on activities and maintaining the connection between the various responsible for the exchange of best practices. Yes, in addition, it is also a way to overcome distance and shorten the time; we have a double gain, of money and time. It is important, in these initiatives, to maintain consistency and fidelity, perhaps with the help of someone who encourages and organizes the network.

Joseilton Ramos dos Santos


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56.    MURIALDO’S YOUTHS – One way of being young

Some considerations on educational practice        (Joseilton Ramos dos Santos )


The content is set in the perspective of the Josephan Murialdine environment and aims to be an educational spirituality of accompaniment for and with youthS[1] . Therefore, understanding and participation in the methodological proposals of the Church in Brazil and in Latin America become necessary in the context of Youth Ministry and the experiences of young people themselves, their dreams, theirdesires …

Pedagogical process in the province of Brazil

From the perspective of a deconstruction of pastoral events and the action of “snipers”, the Province of Brazil with the youth team is articulating, restoring and enhancing the historical process and the performance of Murialdine apostolic charism among young people.

In light of the exercise of “listening and approach” to the young person as “a theological place” we follow the charismatic itinerary of the Congregation in its expression of the “tender, personal, present, infinite and above all-merciful love of God.” Thus, a reflective and evaluative stage of the methodologies used until then opened up and this caused a revival of congregational awareness, both institutional and personal. Therefore, we conducted a participatory-constructive way among young people and some brothers attended the First National YouthS[1]. Seminar from July 25 -27, 2014, in Guará I – Brasilia / DF, with the theme: Youths, with Murialdo, building paths … and with the biblical refrain “Young man, I say to you, get up !(Lk 7,14). 80 delegates participated, studying the thematic approaches – youth Leadership, Spirituality and integral Formation – they developed local projects on a medium and long term, clarified some perceptions as “Starting Points” and defined national proposals for the years 2014 to 2019 as targets They should be included in the action plans of the Province of Brazi

Such proposals, fruits of suggestions of young people themselves, had a key reference for the name and sharing with Murialdo’s Youth, which encourages us to invest even more in the affective and effective work with young people, taking into account the availability and the need to free more confreres to achieve a professional training (extension courses and post graduate degrees in this area) and an apostolic congregational training in the constant support and guidance of youth ministry.

Youth network. What do they think about and how do they perceive our work…?

Murialdo’s Youths, that is, the youth segments which are accompanied and counseled by us, Josephites, such as Pastoral Youth-PJ, Follow me, Free to love, – RCC Catholic Charismatic Renewal, Youth Legion of Mary Rosary of the Youth movement , Youth in cells, Young Coral Bands, parish groups, altar servers, young vocational trainees-, Bible Training Schools (conduction and participation), Friend of Murialdo Youth –JAMUR [2] , social projects, schools and young people who are not linked to any group but try to approach our spirituality; stick and take our charism charmingly, as to say that “we are of the congregation of Murialdo”; expression denoting a spirit of belonging and love, and that puts our institution as a “defined space” and safe support to become the protagonists of their own lives and their ways of interacting, of intervening in society .

From the seminar mentioned above, a national youth Group has originated,, through social networks (WhatsApp, Facebook) weaving fraternal relations, sharing thematic discussions and related materials, in addition to programming and promoting proposals for regional meetings in order to expand and spread among youths the Josephan Charism of Murialdo. From their perceptions, we are asked to improve and qualify further interaction with the Service of Vocational Animation-SAV and integration with other sectors of the FdM.

However, the involvement and influence we have on the lives of the youthS we serve, are clear and how much they appreciate the process of support and advice we provide them with , both at a group level and as individual.


Imbued and heirs of a fascinating charism and of an educational method centered on the encounter with the young person as the “theological place”, let us renew our consecration of Josephites of Murialdo and reaffirm the apostolic eagerness to work together to accompany and orient youthS who seek to live the legacy of Murialdo in the Church and in society.

In the struggle, tenderness and strength.

Br. Joseilton Ramos dos Santos (Kazé)

[1].Translator’s Note: The author, in line with a trend in Brazil, capitalizes the “S” end of the Portuguese word “youth” to highlight the richness of the diversity of groups, movements, associations that make up this area …

[2] A theoretical project of a possible Murialdine Youth Ministry, asleep for 15 years , which was reactivated in July 2013 in the form of action with youths of the social project. It is currently active in practice with the EPESMEL with the Adolescent (School Professional and Social Minor Londrina). The Jamur is characterized as a genuine project, the result of living the spiritual charism of Murialdo, without “getting confused by” or from experiences of other youth movements. Note: to describe Jamur at least globally would require a separate article.

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