“On the footsteps of Murialdo” 2015

A long journey led us to Viterbo, where the educators of Murialdo Parish welcomed and hosted more than a hundred young people from different realities of northern and central Italy, to live, “On the footsteps of Murialdo”. It was a two days experience, 21 and 22 November, in which youth and young educators – aged 17 and older – showed the beauty of being together, all united by a style and a magic determination.

The meeting studied the person and charism of Murialdo; from the fundamental role that family has for each of us, until arriving, as happened to Murialdo, to the acceptance of a great and infinite Love that does not leave us alone, but in the darkest moments gives us the strength to overcome any obstacle and see problems as opportunities for growth and change.

Young people (and “otherwise young”) of the Murialdo Parish also presented on Saturday, after dinner, a performance about Saint Leonard, “♯Facing you,” which they created and produced to support the people affected by the Ebola epidemic in Sierra Leone. Sunday morning we have been involved in a big treasure hunt, always on the topic of the meeting, in Viterbo old town.

Indeed Love was the central idea of this experience, in fact, Saturday night we young people had the opportunity to experience Love and attend the perpetual profession of three young Josephites, celebrated by Father General, Fr. Mario Aldegani.

In conclusion, they were two full days characterized by laughter, smiles, friendliness, discussions, reflections and prayers, moments that every youth lived in the light of the spirituality and example of Murialdo and will bring back to their place. It was worth it to make such a long journey…



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