Sunday 10th June

The first week of the chapter is over and the second one begins, but it is also the day of the Lord and it is good to share the day with the Christians of Ecuador. After breakfast, the Chapter members went to the Josephite parish at Quito “La Magdalena”, almost the second cathedral of the city in the south of the immense capital, which stretches for almost 40 Km.! A large building on a colonial style square and a lively and active parish that includes about 40,000 inhabitants. The celebration of morning Mass, presided over by Fr. Mario Aldegani and with the homily given by Fr. Alejandro Bazàn. With so many parishioners present and the Chapter members from all over the world experienced strong emotions at solemn, festive, colorful, sung, danced of the day

After the Holy Eucharist, lunch in the apostolic centre of the parish served and once again party, Ecuadorian music and songs!
In the afternoon the chapter members meet for a planning session: the central commission has prepared a document, which summarizes the confrontation of the first week and which outlines the itinerary and the themes for the planning of the next chapter sessions. It is evident that we are entering the important phase of the work in the coming days will also see the election of the new general council. May God continue to accompany us!

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