Perpetual profession of Florin in Romania

The clear and blue skies and the crisp air of a forthcoming autumn were the outer frame of a fraternal and warm atmosphere that permeated for a few hours the Murialdo oratory of Popesti (Bucharest). It is Saturday, October 24, 2015 and our young Romanian confrere Florin Pisteian concludes a long process of discernment and formation started way back in 2003 with the Josephites and pronounces his Yes forever in the footsteps of Murialdo among youth. The presence of Fr. Lorenzo Sibona, the provincial superior, who received the profession, Bishop Cornel Damian, the Auxiliary Bishop of Bucharest, who presided over the celebration and many, many friends, relatives and youth, made tangible and lively the harmony of songs that the Murialdo polyphonic choir of the oratory offered to each of us during the celebration: from maestoso to andante, from lento to vivace, from forte to piano… the colours of life, the sounds of the soul. Also from the pages of, “la Multi Ani, Florin!” We say you this also on behalf of children and young Romanians you’ll meet on the roads of life.


Florin 1 Florin 2 Florin 3 Florin 4

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