Priestly celebrations are going on in India!

Vaddy is a very nice fishing village on the coast of Kerala, near Kollam, overlooking the blue Indian Ocean! Almost all here are Christians and it is in this simple and full of faith environment that the vocation of Shibu blossomed so many years ago!

After so many years of preparation at Aroor, Chembaraky and Chennai the big day arrived: our son is a Josephan priest for the Church of God!” said with tears in his eyes Mom Anila and Dad Augustine! They are special tears, which have a unique meaning on the faces of the parents of a priest: a mixture of joy, pride and faith!

And there were also the same feelings in the great church, festively decorated and with many priests, nuns, Josephan students, relatives, friends, and among them many young people, who lived an intense celebration, presided over by the Bishop of Quilon, H. E. Stanley Roman, with the ordination of the 16th Indian Josephan priest! It was Saturday, May 23, 2015, and the following Sunday Fr. Shibu celebrated, always in his parish, the first Mass.

Again we have tyo say thanks God! Thanks, o generous India! And have a nice journey, Fr. Shibu!



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