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Il Murialdo negli ultimo anni di vita

He was born October 26, 1828 in Turin. The father, a rich stock-broker, dies in 1833. The mother, very religious woman, sends her little son “Nadino” to a boarding school in Savona, run by the Scholopian Fathers, where he remains from 1836 till 1843. Once returned to Turin, he attended theology courses at the University and in 1851 is ordained a priest. He chooses right away to do ministry in the first oratories of Turin among poor and abandoned boys of the periphery: in the oratory of the Guardian Angel till 1857, later in the oratory of Saint Aloysius, as director, from 1857 till 1865.

He spent a year of reviewing his studies in Paris till the Providence called him in 1866 to be in charge of youth even more poor and even more abandoned: those of the Artigianelli Boarding School in Turin. The rest of his life is dedicated to welcome and reception, Christian education and professional formation of these young people.

For them he founds the Congregation of Saint Joseph (Josephites of Murialdo) in 1873 and in the following years begins new initiatives:

a family house (the first in Italy), an agriculture school, other oratories, together with other activities.

Saint Leonard Murialdo’s presence is very important in the Catholic Piedmont movement. He works for Catholic press. He is actively involved in the “Movement of Congresses. He is one of the animators of Catholic Workers Union.

His earthly existence ends on March 30, 1900, but we too, distant in time, can draw from his precious spiritual heritage, confirmed by the proclamation of his sanctity in 1970. We can appreciate from his experience of God: He loves us first, personally, at every instant. His love is infinite, tender, and merciful. Our response to this love will be a trusting abandonment in the hands of God, a joyful search of his will, a heart totally dedicated to him and to youth, especially the poorest and most abandoned.

The feast of saint Leonard Murialdo is celebrated on May 18.

To know more

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Un ritratto del Murialdo ripercorrendo i suoi scritti ( a cura di V.Garuti).

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Il Murialdo ci guida nella visita del suo museo

They said about him


“This man meek, gentle and saint”

Paul VINovember 3, 1963, in the beatification

“Extraordinariness of a man who defends man”

Paul VI in Decretal Letters for the canonization, 1970

“New works according to the signs of times”

Card. Michele Pellegrino

“Saint Leonard Murialdo became friend, brother, father of poor youth”

Saint John Paul II Message for the centenary of Murialdo March 28, 2000

“International publication gives a profile of Saint Leonard and of his ministry as educator of people” …

Magazine “Traces” of Communion and Liberation

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