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Come San Giuseppe,

umile educatore di Gesù

Saint Leonard Murialdo was not a writer, but a priest and an educator. He therefore, did not write books and publish treatises.

He left nevertheless to us many handwritings, very precious to know his life, his thoughts, his educational and social initiatives, his holiness.

Spiritual Testament


The Spiritual Testament (written from 1891 to1899) is a document of fundamental importance to know the richness of the inner world of saint Leonard Murialdo.
He writes about the adolescent crisis, lived during his staying in the boarding school at Savona, and the progressive discovery of the merciful love of a God, who had continued to love him while he, Leonard, had decided to abandon him.
He describes his journey of conversion and faith and relates his “history of salvation” made of sin and forgiveness, of ingratitude and reparation, of repentance and desire of holiness.
It is a profession of faith in God “for the greatness and immensity” of his mercy; a song of gratitude to a God for “his goodness and generosity;” a hymn of trust and hope in God “so good, so patient, so generous;” a serene and sorrowful prayer, that wants to bear witness to “all bitterness and sincerity of his repentance;” a cry of love to a God from a heart that wants to love God in “infinite” way but that feels incapable.
It is “the history of his soul” in which every Christian finds something of his history of sin, pardon and love.

“Da tutta l’eternità pensai a te”

The letters


The letters of saint Leonard Murialdo so far discovered and published are 2379. They are precious sources in order to know his activity among poor and abandoned youth of Turin in the eighteen century, the care for boys of the Artigianelli Boarding School and for those of other institutions, the daily worry for the financial preoccupations (debts), but also his trust in divine Providence, that does never abandon its children.
The letters allow us also to approach the spirituality of saint Leonard Murialdo in his daily life, document his contacts with some Italian and foreign personalities (priests, educators, lay people committed to Catholic movement, to press…) and are full of interesting news about the Congregation founded by him, on the communities and first Josephan confreres.

Other writings


They are the handwritings of the saint excluding letters and the Spiritual Testament.
They have been published in 13 volumes by the Historical Center of the Josephites of Murialdo. They deal with conferences, sermons, meditations, interventions to Catholic congresses, occasion talks, various notes…
It is an indispensable material in order to know the spirituality, pedagogy and charitable and social action of the saint.

To know more

  • S. Leonardo Murialdo, Testamento spirituale, introduzione, traduzione e note a cura di Giuseppe Fossati, Libreria Editrice Murialdo, Roma 2010.
  • Saint Leonard Murialdo, Spiritual Testament, introduction, translation and notes by Giuseppe Fossati, Libreria Editrice Murialdo,
    Rome 1997
  • Saint Leonard Murialdo, Letters, by Aldo Marengo, 6 volumes, Liberia Editrice Murialdo, Rome 1970- 1998.
  • Saint Leonard Murialdo, Writings, by the Historical Center of Josephites of Murialdo, 13 volumes, Libreria Editrice Murialdo, Rome 1995-2005.

Collana scritti autografi di san Leonardo Murialdo

La Congregazione di san Giuseppe ha raccolto in edizioni a stampa il tesoro prezioso dei manoscritti di san Leonardo.

Essi testimoniano, a tutti noi che lo seguiamo nel tempo, la sua avventura spirituale. Ci aiutano a capire che il cammino della santità è per persone “normali”, come lo è ciascuno di noi.

The love of God


The most intense passages of the writings of saint Leonard tell us his personal experience of the love of God:

Spiritual Testament


Original handwritten by Saint Leonard Murialdo.

The text regards the edition of 2010 by Fr. Giuseppe Fossati

The beatification of Leonard Murialdo


Roma, 3 Novembre 1963

They said about him


“This man meek, gentle and saint”

Paul VI November 3, 1963, in the beatification

“Extraordinariness of a man who defends man”

Paul VI in Decretal Letters for the canonization, 1970

“New works according to the signs of times”

Card. Michele Pellegrino

“Saint Leonard Murialdo became friend, brother, father of poor youth”

Saint John Paul II Message for the centenary of Murialdo March 28, 2000

“International publication gives a profile of Saint Leonard and of his ministry as educator of people” …

Magazine “Traces” of Communion and Liberation

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