Friday 15 June

Another morning of work for the 5 commissions of the chapter. We will summarize their composition and their themes tomorrow.

In the afternoon session, the three remaining general councilors are elected. Another debate on their functions, on some criteria for the choice and then, off with the distribution of the ballots, their collection, the counting and reading of the names of the elected. Our two young scrutineers, Fr. Shine John and Fr. Edward Kanu have their work cut out!

Finally the elections are complete, which means that also session 3 of the general chapter is finished and the fourth can start with the programming for the next six years.

All the capitulars applaud the new elect, embrace them, thank them for their availability, and wish them good work!

Here are the final results:

– P. JUAN FLORES (Ecuador) – general treasurer
– P. SALVATORE CURRO’ (Italy) – councilor
– P. MISIHADAS GOVINDAN (India) – councilor

The general council for the period 2018 – 2024 is complete! At evening Vespers we entrust these confreres to the Lord’s good and firm hands so that they can best perform their service to the congregation.

May God accompany them on this journey!

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