Flash news

– In the morning we celebrate Mass, presided over by the Ecuadorian brother Fr. Francisco Mena, 91 (see photo): an institution in the history of this province!
– During the free time the new Fr. General continues his personal conversations with some confreres and especially the meetings with the delegations of the individual provinces.
– The whole day in the assembly is dedicated to voting of the final document … a work of patience, a bit monotonous, but important … and without moments of fun, especially when you battle with computers for electronic voting (see photo)
– After lunch we take a break and visit the nearby community of the Murialdine Sisters of San Rafael, a large “compound”, which includes the community house, a family home for at risk children, other social activities, a large school and also the formation house. A nice moment of joy with the young guests, singing together and a nice snack offered by the Sisters (see photo).
The soccer world cup broke into the chapter. In the moments free after lunch and after dinner the most passionate chapter members watch parts of the matches or at least the goals. This is the right place to follow them, given the many nationalities represented in the chapter and a lot of “teasing”! (see photo)

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