Two priestly ordinations in India!

We couldn’t imagine a better way to begin the Jubilee Year of Mercy for our little Josephan Delegation of India: two new priests, who can really be “Missionaries of God’s Love” as Pope Francis repeatedly said.

Fr Rajesh was ordained at Chennai in the open space of the shrine “Our Lady of Lourdes” on 27th December by the archbishop of Madras (Tamil Nadu) together with other 7 Salesians; the celebration was incredibly crowded: more than 5,000 people and 145 priests!

Fr Abhilash was ordained at Trivandrum (Kerala) in the large “St Antony’s church”, located just in front of the beach of the blue Indian ocean, on 29th December by the bishop of Punalur; the glance was amazing: a colourful feast with plenty of flowers and most of all a great participation of the people in attendance: smiles, songs and prayers with deep devotion!

Once again we must thank God for these two new gifts given not only to our little religious family, but to the entire Church as well as to world, especially to the young people most in need!

Now we have 18 Indian Josephite priests! From the bottom of our hearts we would like to wish Fr Rajesh and Fr Abhilash what they have written in their respective holy cards with these quotations taken from the Bible: “To do whatever He tells” and “God is faithful, by whom you were called”!

The following photos, selected among thousands, can express only partially what we lived… but we are happy to share them with you, wishing you a very fruitful New Year of Mercy 2016!


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